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Poster threatens to kill Peso Pluma with ‘Narcomantas’: police have already detained one person



The mayor of Tijuana has responded to threats against the featherweights, potentially canceling the event. “We do not believe there is any risk at this time,” authorities said.

mexican singer featherweight I received death threats after my next concert at Tijuana Yesterday, Tuesday, city police found two people there. “Narcomantus” Contains a message alluding to the artist and his show.

According to a Mexican paper universalNarcomanta (a common way for cartels to blackmail their victims) appears to have been signed with the following acronym: “CJNG” Acronym for ( Jalisco New Generation Cartel ), they mentioned the presentation that took place at the Caliente Stadium on October 14th. Capable of accommodating over 27,000 people .

City police arrested a man at the scene after he was spotted hanging one of the tarpaulins, the report said.

However, this is not the first time Mexican organized crime has threatened a music artist. dangerous group He also canceled a recital in Tijuana for the same reason.

The discovery of Narcomantus provoked a reaction from the city’s mayor. Montserrat Caballero noted that the event’s holding is “under analysis” at this time.

“There will be similar security by the National Guard, state and local authorities at the concert. His personal safety already depends on him,” Caballero said at a press conference quoted by the portal. telemundo.

According to the same publication, one of the messages said: “I say this to you, featherweight: Please refrain from introducing yourself on October 14th, because this will be your last presentation. That would be rude and easy-going.” If you show up, I’ll destroy everything about your mother. AtoCJNG. ”

According to reports, this threat would be explained by the cartel’s displeasure with songs the artist wrote about other rival criminal organizations of CJNG.

“If anyone is in danger (the event will be canceled)…” “At this time, we do not believe there is any risk.” Caballero said.

The event comes just hours after Peso Pluma’s historic presentation at last night’s Music Video Awards (VMA) in Newark, where Peso Pluma performed with Taylor Swift, Karol G, Doja… He has performed with Kat, Bebe Rexha, Cardi B, Shakira, and Anitta. such as Selena Gomez.

Narcomantas threatened to kill featherweight fighter in Mexico: police already have one in custody

Source: Biobiochile

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