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They threaten to kill Mexican artist Peso Pluma if he sings in Tijuana



Featherweight performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, New Jersey.  / Photo: AFP

Featherweight performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in Newark, New Jersey. / Photo: AFP

Four signs threatening to kill Mexican corrido singer Peso Pluma if he performs in Tijuana in October have been placed in different parts of the city, which borders the United States, authorities said Tuesday.

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, explained that the local prosecutor’s office is investigating whether the posters were placed by organized crime groups or by anyone else, and will assess whether the threats cause the cancellation of a concert by an artist who admits to writing the songs. “On request.” of drug dealers.

“My responsibility is to protect the citizens of Tijuana, and therefore in the coming days we will determine whether the concert will take place,” Caballero told reporters. The show of the hit author “She Dances Alone” is scheduled for October 14.

The artist, who recorded a collaboration with Argentinian Bizarap last June, appears in several videos wearing expensive designer clothes and displaying long guns. At least one of them directly mentions the dominant Sinaloa cartel as well.

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The media released images of at least one poster threatening the 24-year-old singer, emblazoned with the acronym “CJNG,” which corresponds to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, one of Mexico’s most powerful drug cartels. by being in several countries. Caballero reports that the police have already arrested the person connected to the placement of the signs and that “up to this point” the artist’s team has not contacted City Hall.

Peso Pluma, the stage name of singer Hassan Emilio Cabande Laya, has the distinction of being the first Mexican to place nearly a dozen songs in the top 100 in the United States, according to Billboard magazine, and in Spotify’s global top 50. , Music Industry News.

“We know that singers like (…) Peso Pluma protect crime, so there are certain groups that are nervous and unfortunately, those who suffer the consequences are citizens who want to attend their concerts and are at risk”, – added the mayor. However, Caballero ruled out banning concerts or the spread of so-called drug corridos in Tijuana, noting that parents are largely responsible for the genre’s popularity among young people.

“It is enough to just turn off the music, but to know why they are projected into these songs,” he said.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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