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Did they become friends?: Lady Monica reveals how her relationship with Pinkoya ended after breaking up with Big Brother



Lady Monica reflected on her complicated relationship with Pinkoya and asserted that he had a place in her heart anyway.

Monica Ramos was recently eliminated from a reality show big brother chilireach the final stage of the competition, The program’s oldest participant in the entire world . After his elimination, he reflected on his relationship with Jennifer Garvarini (also known as “Pincoya”), with whom he had several conflicts inside his house.

Let’s remember that there was a particular moment. Monica lost her temper and got into a shouting match with Pinkoya. . It was due to a misunderstanding that occurred in the shared room.

At the time, Monica stated that she did not like Jennifer and even suggested that her roommate was trying to scare her.From there They had a rather strained relationship, but it eased as the days went on. .

Monica reflected on her relationship with Pinkoya after breaking up with Big Brother

While returning from Argentina to appear on the show’s panel this Wednesday night, Monica reflected on her relationship with Pincoya and what the breakup was like.

“In the end, it worked out well, She has her habits, which I could hardly understand.The problem only happened once, but I fixed it “He was the first to reveal it.

Likewise, he recognized that Pinkoya would still continue to exist in his heart. “I have always tried to understand her because her habits were not to my liking (…) I told her I would remember her very fondly. Because she is also a very simple person, a devil, but simple. “, Said.

“I also said to him, “I hope you miss me.” He told me, “No one is lonely.”I said, “Okay, but I still miss you.” “Mrs. Monica added.

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