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Claudia Conserva reveals the reason for leaving TVN: “They fired me without pay.”



The host clarified why he did not continue appearing on TVN despite overcoming cancer, and clarified that the specific reason for his resignation was not disclosed.

Little was known about Claudia Conserva continuing to appear on TVN after completing her cancer treatment and finally being free of the disease.and that’s it After the premiere of her documentary “Brava”, the presenter did not return to the signal The one who welcomed her all these years.

The former face of the state channel now addressed her dismissal and theorized about the reasons that may have prompted her resignation.It was in his current program “Claudia Conversa”from TV+, he commented on what happened this Wednesday night.

So he said the situation would not have been well thought out. “Sometimes programs get lost (…) and they start making stupid and crazy decisions ” he looked back.

Claudia Conserva theorizes about leaving TVN

Similarly, it was revealed that no clear reason for the dismissal was provided. “Without saying any more, do you know why they fired me from TVN? That’s not why they gave me because they gave me nothing . They kicked me out, what I’m about to say is heavy… Shut up, Polo (Valdivia), it’s going to be live, and it’s because of the chemotherapy that I’m living without a filter,” he warned.

“I think there was a managing director at the time who was looking for people.” By contract, I had to do the morning session if Karen wasn’t there (Doggenweiler),” Conserva explained in context.

However, his contract guidelines would have been thwarted by a change in government, which also meant a change in national channels. “There was a change of government, and therefore a change of executives, and this other executive said, “I want this person.” “He theorized.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that these reasons were his conclusion. “I’m imagining it, Because they kicked me out for no reason (…) They arrive and take action, but one is left there as an orphan,” he concluded.

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