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A game of words and music: The SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra opens the Maribor Festival



No Borders Orchestra returns with a new version of the Fire&Ice project

This year’s Festival Maribor takes place in the spirit of the game of words and music. It starts tonight with a concert by the SNG Maribor Symphony Orchestra and young pianists Nejc and Adam Kamplet.

The symphony orchestra of the Slovenian National Theater (SNG) Maribor under the direction of Simon Krečič will perform a symphonic work with guests Lucian Marija Škerjancwhich was created according to the motif Gazelle Franceta Prešerna.

The festival, which will take place until October 1, also brings the premiere of a musical play for young people Star and heartwhere they are the authors of the music Nana Forte and Jure Ivanušičand the updated project Fire&Ice.

The initial incentive for the red thread of the festival came from the Frankfurt Book Fair, where Slovenia will be the guest of honor this year. On this occasion, based on the fruitful cooperation of a successful Slovenian composer in Germany, Vita Žuraj with the ensemble Ensemble Modern from Frankfurt came up with the idea for a special concert as a musical parallel to the writers’ presentations at the book fair. Ensemble Modern it will be the same with the soprano Niko Goric during two concerts in Germany, he presented a program dedicated to Slovenian music and literature, also in Maribor.“Festival Maribor is known as an occasion where musical genres and artists from different backgrounds, different musical genres, different international provenanceand they find here someone a common denominator on the basis of which something new, something unexpected, something fresh is always created. This year, we went one step further in this connection and connected music with literature, actually also with theatre.” said the head of the classical music program of the Maribor National Home and Festival Maribor at the presentation of the program Barbara Švrljuga Hergovich.

In cooperation with the Maribor Puppet Theatre, the festival will premiere the musical play Zvezda in srce, created by Nana Forte and Jure Ivanušič at the request of the Maribor Festival to lyrics by Milan Jesih.  Photo: Festival Maribor

She recalled that in the past, music was inextricably intertwined with verbal art for a long time. “In modern times, the two arts have become independent, and we can thank this independence for the fact that we now have a rich treasury of concert instrumental music. However, the organic connection of music and words, which is still alive today, for example in popular music, has a unique power to build bridges among that intangible, which is music in its message carriesand receivers, even those with less experienced ears,” me.

In cooperation with the Maribor Puppet Theater, the festival will stage a musical play for the first time Star and heartwhich was commissioned by the Festival Maribor to verse Milan Jesih created Nana Forte and Jure Ivanušič. Forte and Ivanušič, who have also collaborated as composers for several years, this time tackled the whole thing themselves for the first time of the concept, from the idea for the text to the dramaturgical design, writing the music and, last but not least, directing. The text is written entirely in verse, which Nana Forte seems to be “a particularly rich experience for young people who lack reading and engagement with fiction these days”.

It will also be possible to listen to the new version of the Fire&Ice project, which was first performed with the Macedonian guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski in 2012 during EPK.  Photo: Festival Maribor

According to Ivanušič, the play is also intended for adults. “The meaning of the play is the question of what true love is, or how different people reveal themselves in certain ones situationshow some people are kind and polite on the surface, but when their true nature is revealed, they are something completely different,” he said. Actors and singers are on stage next to him Jurc bullet, Urša Kavčič, Mihael Mikluš and Tomaž Planinca musical group also participates Carp artem with the conductor Tilno Draksler.

The festival program will also feature a new version of the project Fire&Ice, which they performed with the Macedonian guitarist Vlatko Stefanovski for the first time in 2012 during the European Capital of Culture. This time, he and Maribor saxophonist Vasko Atanasovski invited others to participate their own sons – Jan Stefanovski will play drums and Ariel You know Atanasovski cello, and the concert will be dedicated to the former first lady of the festival Brigiti Pavlič.

The festival will conclude on October 1 with the Ensemble Modern concert.  Photo: Festival Maribor

An orchestra of young musicians returns to the festival No Borders Orchestraand the youngest visitors will be at a traditional concert for babies and toddlers with a pianist Adriano Magdovski this year enjoyed selected poetry for children performed by a drama actor Davor Herge.

Source: Rtvslo

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