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Salvadorans will sing “Christmas Without You” with Buki on December 15.



Buk is ready to meet him "America's little thumb".

Book is ready for a reunion with “Pulgarcito de América”.

Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís, with a special video that places El Salvador in the world and shows images of the capital, confirmed the rumors of his concert in El Salvador next December 15 at the Cuscatlán Stadium.

“Little brothers from El Salvador, I am very happy to announce that very soon I will be able to be in your beautiful country with the “El Buki World Tour” on December 15th at Cuscatlán Stadium. Tickets will be on sale from the day. September 23rd marcoantoniosolis.com“, he said, although the date in the country has not yet appeared on the website. However, Two Shows Producciones confirmed that the sale will begin on this date at 10:00 AM. TodoTicket and A fun capital.

The elder Buck, 63, will arrive in El Salvador as part of a tour that will take him to cities in the US, Canada, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia in these months, before ending in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in December. .

This is how the high performer will return to the country with his greatest solo hits as well as the unforgettable songs of his group Los Bukis, such as “Si no te had gone”, “Eterno amor secreto”, “Invéntame”, “Más”. que tu corazón” “, “Pretty Chiquilla” or the hymn of the Christmas season: “Christmas without you.”

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Source: Diario.Elmundo

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