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“Camilisima” Camila Campos is the new Tierra Brava: “I’ve had a terrible time in love”



The communicator and influencer is a new member of the Channel 13 reality show, along with Junior Playboy, Eva Gomez, Pamela Diaz, Jonathan Mujica, Valentina Torres, Azualto Maves and Uriel “El Futuro” Romero. It was announced that the decision had been made.

This morning on Channel 13, a journalist announced: Camila Campos – known on social media as “Kamirisima” – I am a new member of Bravelanda reality show premiering on screen. October 1st next year.

The communicators became known in the entertainment world as a couple. sebastian ramirez said that after the controversy, he focused on his activities on social networks. “This time, I am completely addicted to social networks. “I have a TikTok channel about contingencies because I have always loved politics and reporting what is happening in this country is my passion. Because I can pour it out.” commented.

For young women, this is It’s the fourth time they’ve offered him to appear on a reality show. And even though he agreed to come in Braveland, the influencer admitted: “For some reason, I feel like I had to quit my job to have an opportunity to get into it in a different way. Even though I care about the countryside, I’m a super city dweller and a super mall person. So, when I was a child, I only saw cows at educational farms.

In addition to this, Camila Campos She said she was attracted to the reality show format, which consists of weekly physical competitions, but is not very familiar with sports. I think he’s a little clumsy but solid. In fact, I had always wanted to serve in the military. “I’m not Messi, but I’m fighting against Messi,” he says.

The young woman also addressed her relationship with ex Chico Reality and how she faces confinement romantically. “I’ve had a terrible time with love, and I think I’ll do well in other lands, if not here.” “There will be some flashy guys in the bull run, and this is a chance to find love.” ” he declares.

Source: Biobiochile

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