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Regina Canas claims to have created the characters of Chiflis the Fairy and Coccolito



Canas (center), a respected theater actor, recounts how he contributed to two of El Salvador's most beloved characters.

Canas (center), a respected theater actor, recounts how he contributed to two of El Salvador’s most beloved characters.

In an interview with tiktoker Adam Nochez, Salvadoran actress Regina Canas, remembered for her childhood character Aunt Bubu, details how her co-star Ana Beatriz Garcia’s character came about: Feria Chiflis. He noted that García was working as a media manager at Channel 12 (then TV 12 Azteca), but Mexican producers offered him a slot as a rag doll because he was interested in acting.

“But it didn’t really sit well with me. Then I started thinking how nice it would be to have a fairy of hers that wasn’t the skinny, tiny fairy stereotype, but a familiar fairy,” said Kanas, who then went on to search for a name for the crazy fairy. And “there came a time when he said, ‘Look, can you give me my character to register? Of course I did, because I came up with the name and everything, nobody was going but him. That he could do it.’ character. A character isn’t just a concept, it’s the person who embodies it,” Regina noted.

“Coccolito already had the role of a clown because of his family heritage, he was Chirajito’s nephew, he was from a circus family…but at the time he was very much like an announcer,” Canas also said of the early years. “El Jardín de Tía Bubu”, with Roberto Alfaro. “So we talked and I said, ‘Hey, you’re dressed as a bug…why don’t you come down?’ He played a very small role,” he recalls.

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Source: Diario.Elmundo

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