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Luisito Comunica is attacked by a street vendor after refusing to buy candy in Mexico



The YouTuber narrated how the attack happened through a story on his Instagram account.

Famous Mexican YouTuber and blogger Luisito Comunicaattacked while on tour in Mexico City. After refusing to buy candy from a street vendor on the street .

According to a saying shared throughout their story, Luisillo (also his nickname) could not count on any help from the police after the incident. The assailant left immediately after hitting him in the head. .

“They hit me like this (pointing to the ear). It still hurts a little bit. It was one of the guys selling popsicles on the street, and it was so weird, so crazy, really. That’s basically because I didn’t want to buy a palette. . Recorded,” the content creator says in his profile.

Luisito Comunica is beaten after refusing to buy candy on the street in Mexico
instagram screenshot

The incident occurred while Lewis was walking his pet near his home. “I went to the park with my dog ​​and was running around. A guy offered me a popsicle and I said no and he said to me, ‘Fuck you (sic).’ I answer him. It quickly accelerated from there, and many of the same things happened in the stock market. He moved it around as if there was something sharp in his bag. ” said the YouTuber.

Fortunately, the seller There were no short, pointed elements. . The Mexican blogger shared a record of this event in a story, but the content was only made public through the story and is no longer available.

“I’m still confused and can’t understand why everything escalated so quickly. Maybe our carnal desires weren’t contained to his senses, or maybe he ingested some kind of substance, or at the very best moment. “Maybe he exploded because he couldn’t get enough of it. In any case, the assault they inflicted on me was not justified and I would like to thank the people on the street who were involved,” the influencer said.

To conclude the episode, Luisito Comunica advised the community: not reacting to criminal acts of people on the street Because it is never possible to know whether they will become violent people.

Luisito Comunica is beaten after refusing to buy candy on the street in Mexico
instagram screenshot

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