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Big Brother announces ‘undisclosed sanctions’ for contestants: viewers theorize about punishment



The show’s host revealed a mysterious envelope containing sanctions against two participants in the running of the bulls, which he plans to reveal this Thursday night. Based on this mystery, some viewers started making their own guesses.

In this Wednesday night’s episode, older brotherspace entertainer, Diana Borocco showed a red envelope mentioning the sanctions and explained that this would be unprecedented.

“I always have an envelope and I already have an idea of ​​what’s inside, but this is different. This is a completely unpublished envelope. big brother chili.It involves totally unprecedented sanctions “ said the cheerleader before announcing that she will reveal the punishment inside her this Thursday.

After this announcement, it didn’t take long for viewers of the show to make their own guesses about it. connie capelli and Ignatia Michaelson was the focus of the conclusion.

unprecedented sanctions older brother

Fans of the show say the first person to be sanctioned will be the dancer who revealed that she was behind the devastating vote against Jorge.

Capelli was speaking to the former, as can be seen in images taken by the same viewer. acapulco coastWhen he announced his decision. This is against the rules of bullfighting, so This will not be revealed until after the erase cycle .

However, there is also a theory that it could be a punishment for both participants. Reactions to points from “big” that they wouldn’t have handled in the best way. .

Source: Biobiochile

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