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Netflix announces One Piece live-action version season 2 “Please wait for a while”



Netflix announced the production of a second season of the series just two weeks after its premiere.

The long-awaited live-action version will be released at the end of August! one pieceis a popular anime and manga of the same name that has been airing for 26 years. Now, several weeks have passed since its release. Netflix said yes to season 2 .

It was through social networks and a video of the manga’s author Eiichiro Oda that the streaming platform reported the continuity of this successful version, which anime fans appreciated more than expected.

“To the Straw Hat Fleet: What do you think of One Piece live-action season 1? “We’ve been working with Netflix and Tomorrow Studios for a long time,” the person also known as “Mr. Oda” began.

It seems like everyone around the world really enjoyed this series.This makes the effort put in by the production team really worth it “We acknowledge the author of this story, who is also part of the Netflix project.

Netflix has decided to renew the series! The full-scale adventure of Iñaki and the Straw Hat Pirates continues! Preparing the script takes time, so Please wait “He finally announced it.

At this point, it’s unclear when filming will begin on this second part, with no preliminary dates given, but fans are predicting the script could take more than a year to write and produce.

Oda also announced the second part of the live-action version. one piece Expected characters that did not appear in the first season of the series will appear, This would be “Chopper” the crew’s doctor.

Source: Biobiochile

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