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Junior Playboy issued a critical opinion on Ruben’s expulsion from GH, saying, “The girl is very guilty.”



Junior Playboy received a lot of criticism for her comments, pointing out the poor management of the situation and suggesting that Scarlett may also be guilty.

Junior Playboy gave his opinion on Ruben Gutierrez’s expulsion big brother chiliwhich happened after one of the contestants on the reality show accused him of touching her without her consent.

Let’s not forget that these events happened last weekend after the program’s weekly party. That night, Ruben would have touched Scarlett while she was sleeping without her consent. according to the contestants.

On the contrary, The program producers have decided to give the former police officer maximum punishment and ensure that he is expelled. Real.

In a recent Instagram Live, Junior Playboy, who will appear on Channel 13’s new reality show, Braveland, the beginning of October. I expressed my thoughts on it.That side He said it was a “sensitive” situation and that the response would have been inadequate. .

“I’d like to talk to you about Reuben’s case,” he began. “The issues that are occurring are sensitive. Guys, that was a very bad response, that boy is trying to commit suicide. “, He said.

“If you tell me what you think, I think girls have a lot of responsibility too. ” he declared. “If you mix the glasses, regardless of that… he ends up sharing a bed with a strange man and they give him a girl, she is not beautiful, but she is eaten.” (…) Obvious He’s gonna be shit (sic).”

In the course of the analysis, he also mentioned Ruben’s appearance, suggesting that this would not allow him to form an intimate relationship with a woman. These comments caused a lot of criticism.

“He accused Scarlett of sleeping next to Ruben”, “We already know who to vote for and he will leave first place in Tierra Brava”, “He must be the same one. ” and other comments.

I’m not justifying the Reuben incident. But the boy, who gave up his life and chose a project, did everything for a better future. Then I went to the butcher and had him start cutting you. I think it was irrelevant and painful for him. Because they ruined everything for him,” Playboy concluded.

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