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Double sanction: Big Brother decided to cancel some of Pinkoya’s voluntary nominations



This week, Constanza and Pinkoya were punished by Big Brother and their nomination votes were invalidated.

There was a complicated chapter this Thursday night. older brother,it is, Two mysterious envelopes arrived at the panel, both amounting to sanctions . It turned out that those punished were Constanza Capelli and Jennifer Garvarini (Pincoya).

After revealing that Koni’s Lightning nomination would be rescinded, production handed the panel another envelope. Sanctions against Pinkoya, “Sung Vote” .

The rules of sung voting mean: If a reality show participant makes it clear who they want to vote for and keeps to their word, their vote will be void. .

It was revealed that before the nomination, Pincoya commented to his colleagues that he would vote for Alessia Traverso, and then voluntarily nominated Alessia.

Jennifer’s argument was, after all, an attempt to protect herself from the at-bat. So I want to go with them and I was already committed to them ” he declared.

After this, Gave 3 points to Alessia and 2 points to Hans. , he never named him during the program. “I ask all those who support me to stay here for another week,” he concluded.

But in the end older brother He invalidated the three votes for Alessia, but kept Hans’ vote and allowed Pinkoya to receive the singing vote.

Source: Biobiochile

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