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September 15, Beyond Independence in El Salvador



Juan Jose Canas (1826-1918)

Juan Jose Canas (1826-1918)

September 15, 1821 is a date that we learn from a very young age in basic education and that we directly associate with celebrating the independence of El Salvador as a sovereign and independent nation.

But in this context, and in other less fortunate ones, September 15 also marked a historical event for El Salvador, presented today according to research documented by Salvadoran historian Carlos Canas Dinarte and presented by the government of El Salvador. Salvador in 2001.

1802. First public lighting service opened in San Miguel.

Juan Jose Canas (1826-1918)

Juan Jose Canas (1826-1918)

1821. The Act of Independence, which separates the provinces and municipalities of the Kingdom of Guatemala from the Spanish Crown, is signed in the Palace of the Captains General of Guatemala City.

Salvadoran ecclesiastic José Matías Delgado y de León (1767-1832) was one of the main leaders of the failed independence movement of 1811, and in 1821 he was one of the signatories of the act.

1879. The national anthem of El Salvador, composed by the poet and military man Juan José Canas with the Italian conductor Juan Aberle (Giovanni Enrico Aberle Sforza), was sung for the first time on the Esplanade of the First National Palace in San Salvador. Director G. Muni spent three months teaching lyrics and music to schoolchildren in the capital.

John Aberle (1846-1930)

John Aberle (1846-1930)

1888. Teacher and martyr Marcelino García Flamenco was born in San Esteban, San Vicente Department. Participant in an attempted coup in Costa Rica, he was burned alive by his captors, but after the dictatorship was overthrown, the Costa Rican people honored him by burying him in the Mausoleum of the Great Costa Ricans.

1902. At 7:00 a.m., a tsunami affects the ports of San Jose, Guatemala, and La Libertad, El Salvador, leaving 400 injured and an uncertain death toll.

1965  opened

1965 “Jose Simeon Canas” University of Central America (UCA), the first private higher education center in the country, was opened.

1935 year. The buildings of the Director General of Statistics in San Salvador, the old school of medicine and the public dormitory were opened.

1942. A new location of the legendary Casino Salvadoreño opens in San Salvador. The original was founded in 1876 but burned down in 1903. It was restored in 1906 and demolished in 1941 to be rebuilt by the engineers José Emilio Alcáin and Alfredo Gallegos. The building was later used by Banco de Crédito Popular, which was also demolished to make way for the Libertad Shopping Center.

First National Palace of San Salvador (1866-1889)

First National Palace of San Salvador (1866-1889)

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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