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Koni and Pinkoya saved from the plaque: who will be able to leave Big Brother this week?



After two sanctions and several invalid votes, four contestants remained in the contest and “Las Lulos” was saved from crisis.

After a night of many emotions, the new license plate was finally unveiled. older brotherwhere This week, four people were on the verge of quitting the reality show. By public decision.

But the game is changing, and now that’s almost never the case. Constanza Capelli and Jennifer Garvarini (Pincoya) are out of the woods . This is also the first at-bat without Pincoya in the entire game.

Similarly, it was one of the plates that underwent the most changes after the vote. older brother carried out two sanctions And that meant some votes were invalidated.

eventually remained in the plaque Scarlett, Alessia, Hans, Jorge Fede, who was the leader that week, decided to save Ignatia Michaelson.

What happened on the Big Brother plate this week?

To summarize, first Production sanctioned Koni and invalidated his devastating nomination it was addressed to Jorge.

They made this decision by claiming from the show that Koni would discuss his vote with his colleagues, strategize and encourage them to “vote a certain way.”

on the other hand, Mr. Pinkoya, who was nominated voluntarily, was also sanctioned for his “favor vote.” This means that if a reality show contestant reveals who they want to vote for and keeps to their word, their vote will be void.

These votes were invalidated because, prior to her nomination, Ms. Pincoya commented that she and her colleagues would vote for Alessia Traverso, and then carried out a voluntary nomination for Alessia.

Source: Biobiochile

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