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In Šiška, the opening of a mural created by the well-known street artist Cibo



The theme of the painting is excessive use of packaging and healthy food

As part of the Cela Šiškarija program, the opening of a mural on the building of the former Šiška municipal unit at the Prekomorskih Brigad Square will take place today. The mural was created by the internationally renowned street artist Cibo as part of the YAFE international project.

The mural, the ceremonial opening of which will take place today at 6 p.m. as part of the Whole Šiškari event, was created by the artist Cibo on the facade of the building next to the Šiška Cinema since the beginning of September.

Pier Paolo Spinazza or Cibo prepared a mural on the theme of discarded food as part of the Ljubljana Street Art Festival. Spinazze, whose pseudonym means food, has been artfully graffitiing fruits, produce and other Italian culinary delights over hate speech and symbols for over twenty years; transforms one hateful message after another into giant strawberries, pasta with tomatoes or slices of Parmesan cheese, organizers said in a press release. They added that “street art is an excellent tool for communication and discussion on current topics of sustainability and for the improvement of public spaces for the benefit of local communities.”

The artist said about the creation of the mural in Ljubljana: “The mural comes from two concepts. The first has to do with healthy eating and the five colors of vegetables. The second concerns the use of plastic, which is used only once and then thrown away. Many times we don’t even think about it because we are not used to it. The mural will also act as an illusion of continuity, as we are ultimately what we eat.

Workshops were also heldThe free workshops on street art and environmental sustainability, which took place from September 1 to 15 in the premises of the Mladi Zmaji institution, also ended. The workshops, which were intended for young people aged 15 to 18, were led by local educators and artists, and interactive content and a different approach to learning for young people in Ljubljana were provided by the director of IRDO and the head of the YAFE project – Youth art for young people in Slovenia, Anita Hrast. the president and professional leader of the Focus association, the association for sustainable development Živa Kavka Gobbo and the academic painter and street artist Fedja Šičarov.

Workshops on street art and environmental sustainability were also organized.  Photo: Young dragons/Nina R. Orlić

The project took place under the auspices of the Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility (IRDO) in cooperation with the Public Institution Mladi zmaji, the Institute for Urban Issues (INURB), Kino Šiška, the Italian Institute for Culture in Slovenia and foreign partners.

The workshops and creation of the mural were monitored by a video team, and her work will become part of an international documentary film on the topic of youth street art and environmental sustainability, which she is co-creating in Ljubljana Adam Mulalić.

Bang full of eventsThe whole šiškarija is a presentation event of the Šiška cultural quarter, in the framework of which museums, galleries, local creators and traders, youth organizations will present themselves at stands, interactive workshops, various thematic guides, performances, the Library under the canopy and in its premises open to the public and others who co-create the pulse of the Šiška cultural quarter.

Today, at 6 p.m., the opening of the new mural on the building of the former municipality of Šiška will follow, and at 7 p.m., it will be on the Overseas Brigades Square Šiška Open: Spil league Xa large free concert by the winners of ten seasons of the Kina Šiška competition for student musicians.

The cultural district of Šiška is a pilot project initiated by Tourism Ljubljana in cooperation with the creators of Šiška's pulse and local residents.  The desire is to establish a long-term model of cooperation with representatives of the local community and cultural stakeholders who already work in the districts and co-create their pulse.  Photo: MMC RTV SLO

The whole fun will continue on Saturday, when Studio Biskvit and the Computer Museum, the Museum of Recent and Contemporary History of Slovenia will open their doors, will prepare a children’s workshop on making periscopes and a guided tour of the permanent and temporary exhibition, and the Tivoli Landscape Park, Rožnik and Šišenski hrib educational walk on the topic of visiting nature and cultural heritage.

The Institute for Urban Issues is organizing a guided tour of Šiška on the theme of graffiti, a guided tour of the Other Worlds 2023 exhibition will be held in the Photon Gallery, and the Vodnikov homestead is preparing a storytelling walk through Šiška for children and a storytelling event based on Lada Kralja’s novel Ne bom meč se sdal na bajer.

At Studio Biskvit’s workshop, it will be possible to create from clay, the computer museum is preparing an intergenerational challenge in DOS games on a retro computer, archery, boxing and other sports workshops will be held under the auspices of Mladi zmajem Šiška, and the Tivoli, Rožnik and Šišenski Hrib landscape parks in cooperation with Zavod Alfakan organizes a workshop on the culture of living with a dog in the city. At the same time, the Museum of Recent and Contemporary History will provide an interactive map of Šiška, where visitors can contribute their personal story related to Šiška.

A young man will perform on the small stage DJ Toljoand in the evening there will be a talk with the artist in the MoTA Lab gallery Matej Mihevecpresented by the DeconstructedClub project.

Cultural Quarters ProjectThe cultural district of Šiška is a pilot project initiated by Tourism Ljubljana in cooperation with the creators of Šiška’s pulse and local residents. The desire is to establish a long-term model of cooperation with representatives of the local community and cultural stakeholders who already work in the districts and co-create their pulse. By creating recognizable cultural districts, they strive for a balanced and sustainable development of the city, and at the same time they want to improve the opportunities for spending free time for the local population as well as domestic and foreign visitors. “We want to share all the faces of Ljubljana with visitors and invite them off the beaten track to experience the pulse of lively Ljubljana neighborhoods. We want to invite responsible, curious and research-oriented individuals and families who are looking for authentic experiences, urban atmosphere and cultural production to the cultural quarter. That’s why we put urban, creative and cultural experiences in the center,” she said Petra Stušekdirector of Tourism Ljubljana.

Source: Rtvslo

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