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Heluue Scuñi says there are no drug traffickers in Chile: “This is not Colombia or Mexico.”



Referring to the client he represents, attorney Heluue Sukuni asserted that there are drug traffickers in Chile. “This is not Colombia,” he said.

Lawyer Heluwe Sukuni assured this during the program. channel 13“Purgatory” in Chile there are no drug dealers When approached about a job defending people accused of serious drug trafficking crimes.

“I don’t feel guilty about doing it, I’m not ashamed.” Sukuni added: “For me, defense is a right that everyone has. On the other hand, I don’t defend rapists like a public defender would.”

Regarding domestic drug trafficking, the lawyer further emphasized that: “There are no drug traffickers in Chile.” , No drugs are produced in Chile because this is not Colombia or Mexico. There are only micro-traffickers. ”

“and To me, traffickers should be on the streets, not in prison. . This country is not plagued by drug traffickers. I don’t think drug traffickers are taking over the town, and not everyone living in the town is a criminal,” Helfue Sukuni stressed.

Helfue Sukuni in search of love

During the show, she was asked about the type of payment her clients pay for her services, to which she replied: They’ve never done that with jewelry. . She even added that she is usually not paid in full for her work as a lawyer. “I still have 90% debt. . They give me the boot while in prison and keep asking again and again but don’t pay. ”

Regarding the videos he uploads to his social networks, he declared: “Make people happy, not profit from them” And she sent a message to her critics: “Don’t look at me.”

Finally, regarding his love life, he admitted that he has signed up for Tinder. “It’s a zoo. . I’m waiting for the love of my life. “I’m going to remarry wearing white or cream,” he insisted.

Source: Biobiochile

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