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Clinic responds to Marcianeke after denouncing negative effects of procedure: ‘Severe acne’



The medical center has responded to the singer twice to confirm that the situation is improving.

that was a few days ago Marchaneke He claimed that the cosmetic surgery he underwent six months ago had adversely affected his face. The clinic responded through the most reputable professionals.

Specifically, the urban singer has harmonized her face. However, after a while, he declared that the product had become trapped in his cheeks, adding that his body was probably rejecting it.

“Esthetic salon? The fluid they inject into me is being rejected by my skin. “Because I had been there for about six months and I had some balls left and I thought it was a blind pimple,” he explained in the story.

Perhaps the artist suffered from encapsulation of hyaluronic acid, an ingredient used in such cases.

Clinic’s response to Mr. Marchaneke

it was a doctor Vivianne Echague Expert at Perfect Body Clinic, answer to Matias Muñoz (Marchaneke).

In one of them, he said that his reaction was not related to beauty treatments, but rather to health conditions.

Clinic response to Marchaneke

“The Marcianeke company has no reaction to the products we use. By the way, those products are from a world-renowned laboratory and have been used for over 27 years. “He suffers from severe acne, but that has nothing to do with anything we’ve done to make him fit in.” he explained.

However, a few hours later, a facial harmony expert published a more conciliatory answer confirming that the situation may have existed after treatment.

“All cosmetic procedures have risks and can cause immediate or delayed complications. This is true. The good thing about hyaluronic acid is that There is an “antidote” for that called hyaluronidase. And this can be quickly reversed,” he asserted.

“We are human beings, which is why we all react differently to different situations, as there are thousands of factors that can change the outcome,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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