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Valentina Plaskan: The wall of the heart



Fiction, 2023

Valentina Plaskan’s poetic debut is set as a personal portrait with the motifs of finding one’s own position, longing, solitude and love. “The focus of this lyric is agony, which is not an accident,” emphasizes the poet Glorjana Veber in the accompanying note.

A collection of poems by a 31-year-old journalist and actress and radio directors Valentine Plaskan Heart wall is direct. After the red and white cover with the first cycle entitled Wars, it immediately takes on a new, deeper dimension. All the songs of this cycle are equipped with QR a code through which readers can hear them in the poet’s interpretation. “It’s important to be on the right side” are the first words of the collection and are escalating through the cycle, although the third poem immediacy and it stops the tension in its difference and calm down. This one talks about the intimate sadness that eats away at the interior of the lyrical subject and foreshadows the collection’s confessional centerpiece.

The poet’s voice is full of exclamations and rhetorical questions, reflecting anger and hurt at the social situation in which she lives.

Jera Krečič

Social criticism, which is with the cycle Wars appears at the beginning, and at the end of the collection mainly with poems Fuck it you! and I’m not kiddingis direct and decisive. The poet’s voice is full of exclamations and rhetorical questions, reflects anger and impairment with social situation, in which he lives. He realizes that poetry “don’t poke with the middle of your left hand” and it can only serve as a mirror for readers – raising awareness and reflections. The cry for change is brave and sincerely reflects the plight of the young generation to which the poet belongs.

Distress that concerns at “wall of the heart”but it is not and it cannot only be the result of political frictions that have particularly affected us in recent years, but also internal struggles. Even in love poetry, the poet is direct with short verses and revealed with a clear metaphor. It opens the pain of unrequited love, loneliness, longing, anxiety, as well as social pressure and expectations – all this in the prevailing feeling that in the world of dwarfs there is never “small enough, never big enough, never right for this world“. Courage that the poet in external struggles, which become internal, and of internals becoming externals, remains sincere and with his expression he does not want to correspond to any more acceptable and more likable version of yourself, carries the greatest power and the quality of the collection, though readable poetry in simple imagery and beautiful metaphors evoke feelings of sympathy in the reader.

Poetry of Valentina Plaskan in the collection Heart wall it surprises us with its direct social criticism, but at the same time, with its personal confession, it is stimulating enough to distract us from the forced articulations, which the poet realizes is losing its power from verse to verse. Poetry is strongly embedded in the present and evokes in us the aftertaste of the bitter period of the epidemic, which the poet-journalist also admits in the accompanying foreword, where she says that the reader enters “among the songs that were part of the lesson in how to walk upright under the weight of a trembling time among trembling people who do not spare. Among the songs that are woven from the air, which we try to hunt as freely as possible between the layers of masks”.

Poetry collection of Valentina Plaskan Heart wall is a portrait of a specific time that invites you to read here and now.

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Source: Rtvslo

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