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Pedro Pascal’s uncles celebrate his new milestone: “Everyone in Chile has very strong feelings towards him”



Pedro Pascal’s uncles Inés, Rodrigo and Luis Pascal celebrated the Chilean premiere of their short film A Strange Way of Life, directed by the famous Pedro Almodovar and co-starring Ethan Hawke.

“Strange way of life” starring in a short film Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke under the direction of Pedro Almodovar arrived yesterday at the local sign, where an avant-garde premiere was held, attended by some of the Chilean actor’s relatives.

everyone Rodrigo, Ines and Luis Pascal brother of Veronica Pascal the interpreter’s late mother was part of the first performance of . Alameda Art Center one of the venues where you can watch movies that debuted in the past in theaters cannes film festival .

“It’s a very happy, thought-provoking short story.” he pointed out Louis Pascal The Godfather of Actresses Lux Pascal . “It’s such a great western, very emotional, makes you feel a lot. “It’s very good,” he added. agnes Godmother of the main character in The Mandalorian.

“It’s a very good performance, it’s brilliantly directed, there’s a very interesting development and tension, and that’s the triangle that this piece proposes… It’s a tense story, so it’s very interesting.” added Rodrigo, Javiera Pascal’s godfather.

Pascal plays a rancher in ‘Strange Ways of Life’ Silver a man reappears after 25 years to visit an old friend jake (Ethan Hawke) Sheriff in charge of the town of Bitter Creek. “What follows is a night of shared intimacy, memories, and reconciliation. But the next day, the pair’s connection to local crime is revealed, and their meeting proves to be more than just a trip back in time. “It is suggested that this is the case,” the synopsis reads.

At the premiere, the three uncles applauded and applauded their nephew’s new premiere, which had already premiered. Seina (current headquarters of the Alameda Arts Center) is considered a commercial success.

“That’s great, you’re always having fun. I follow you everywhere, your interviews, everything… You’re great at not encroaching on your space, your work, your reputation. It’s respectful,” says Rodrigo. “It’s a very special and very strange feeling because we are his uncles and he grew up with us and his fame touches us indirectly. For example: Ask the carabineros about your relationship with Pedro Pascal. It is very strange that everyone has such strong feelings and love for him. “It’s a phenomenon.” points out Lewis.

Part of this phenomenon was illustrated at the premiere of “The Strange Way of Life,” and the Chilean screening will include an additional Q&A session about the film.

“The other thing that makes me really happy is that he loves chili. And he walks around with Chili in his heart, whether he grew up outside or not. ” said the brothers, highlighting one of the last gestures Pedro made towards his country after the 50th anniversary of the coup.

“He is attached to Chile. Being the son of exiled parents, he is in a sense a part of history and has lived Chile’s history,” says the nephew, whose quiet work has inspired the world. The godmother of a successful actor sums it up this way:

“There’s a lot of work, there’s seriousness. There’s something innate about them, something of their own. Pedro, Lux and Javiera are great players,” he points out. Rodrigo adds: “If we look at the question of talent and look at people who have had great careers, we have to emphasize that talent is 10% of him, the rest is work. That’s Lux, Pedro, Javiera. This is what can be seen in.”

Regarding his family’s artistic background, Lewis points out: “Equally, our grandmothers are actively involved, and so are our grandfathers, because our mothers were artists, singers, and played the guitar. “Her dream was to become a showwoman. But where she came from socially, they wouldn’t let her. There it was a prostitute and Because it was the same,” says Ines.

“It’s a very open-minded, very free-spirited family. My father was an immigrant, but he had no attachment to the oligarchic culture of Chile and was a very independent rooster. My mother came from a landowning family. “Our family was mixed with a lot of fun and a lot of laughter, and we were different,” the godmother said.

What kind of person was Pedro Pascal when he was your nephew? This is how his uncles remember Rodrigo. “He used to scream and throw tantrums… it was amazing,” Rodrigo recalls with a laugh.

“He was a monster,” Ines concluded with a laugh. “I’m going to tell you a story. Even though Pedro was two years old, he was very heavy when he first entered Chile. I went to the beach with him, and he He put me in his arms. “I can’t take you in my arms,” I told him. And he sat on the dirt road and didn’t move until I showed up. On the way home, his grandmothers surrounded me and approached me, calling me “poor child.” And he looked at me with a disgusted face (lol)… Pedro was a very determined cock and was excellent. ” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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