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Laughing Athletes Accuse Dinamita Show of Stealing Their Jokes in the ’90s, ‘But That’s Humor’



The comedians said that some of their jokes were stolen by El Flaco y El Indio when they performed at the Viña Festival in the 90s, and that they continued to perform their jokes on the streets. .

during the next episode grill partnerIn the show, which airs on Sunday, the iconic comedy group known as “Los Atretas de la Lisa” looks back at their most famous days and some of the struggles they went through. Duo ‘Dinamita Show’ reveals they stole some jokes during their routine at the 1996 Viña Festival .

Comedians who started their careers in Paseo Ahumada talk about the internal conflicts they experienced when El Flaco y El Indio performed in Viña in the 90s. originally popularized by them on the streets .

“The children did many things that we invented on Paseo Ahumada. Like the country name routine ” was pointed out.

Similarly, although this situation caused discomfort, they assured that it would not prevent success. “So We felt it when we saw them there and were still on the street . But it’s humor, routine is universal, and it’s our turn next,” they added.

Laughing Athlete leads the ratings with Dichat and Vigna

After starting out on the streets in the 80s, Patricio Mejias (El Pato), Roberto Sardias (El Chino) and Juan Carlos Donoso (El Guaton) They debuted at the first Dichato Festival in 2012 and also performed at the Viña del Mar Festival the following year. where they reached a high tuning.

However, as they commented on the program, the content of their jokes caused some conflicts with Dichato’s production, and they were asked to change some of their routines just before appearing at the festival.

“But as we were doing it, things that they said we shouldn’t say, jokes about sponsors came up. They started yelling at us to get down.There was fierce backlash for naming the brand . However, the situation changed as the ratings increased,” they revealed. That night, he reached 32 points during the event presentation.

On the other hand, as for whether they would perform again at Quinta Vergara, only Guaton and Chino thought “yes”, while Pato said he did not want to do so.

“I’m not going. I’m always very nervous when I do a big show like the one at Monticello.I think I’ll die if I go to Vinya. I’m afraid of failure. It took a long time for them to recognize us, but now we are living to the fullest and are happy with what we have. “What we have achieved is amazing,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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