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Dame Monica reveals her toughest moment on Big Brother: ‘I cried a lot for her’



Dame Monica has revealed her toughest moment while in the Big Brother house, saying she “cried a lot”.

It’s been about a week since Monica Ramos left. older brotherAlso known as “Moni” or “Mrs. Monica”, she left home and managed to become one of the last contestants and the oldest member of the reality show.

Monica was on Wednesday’s panel discussion, but still had a few things she wanted to comment on. recently, He talked about one of the most difficult moments at home it exploded after the participants with whom they had a deep bond left.

according to what he said Page 7one of the most difficult things he had to face while participating in the program was The death of Viviana Acevedo, whom I called my “sister” .

“I was very hurt, I cried a lot for her . It hurt that it happened so quickly because there was a possibility that other people would have left,” Monica said.

Along similar lines, he also mentioned Bibi’s motivation for winning the contest. “It hurt so much because the purpose was so important. Very few people went for personal or family reasons. , others went to the competition, so there is nothing more. That’s why I was hurt. ”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Monica commented on another difficult moment in the house, more recently, when Constanza Cappelli and Francisca Maira got into an argument that ended in screams and almost beatings.

So I decided to retire, Because I never liked vocabulary, and even less so when it comes to women,” Moni pointed out.

Source: Biobiochile

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