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‘Ugly Betty’ actors say soap opera’s worst guest was Cecilia Borocco: ‘She kept crying’



The cast members of “Yo Soy Betty, La Fair” revealed that the most difficult guest during the filming of the novel was probably a Chilean model.

More than 20 years since the premiere of Columbia’s successful novel i am ugly bettythe actors in the cast mentioned an iconic Chilean celebrity who participated as a guest in the TV series, and that is Cecilia Borocco.

let’s remember that Borocco appears briefly in the novel, particularly at a key moment in the plot when Betty learns that she has been deceived by Armando. And he didn’t really love her.

At that very moment, Cecilia, as a sub-character, He finds Betty crying and comforts her. After knowing the truth.

it was in recent interviews Co-starring Natalia Ramírez, who played Marcela Valencia in the fictional version, and Julio Cesar Herrera, who played Freddie Stewart, the actors recalled their encounter with Borocco and revealed that Borocco was the guest star who tormented them the most. We agreed on one thing.

Afterwards, Ramirez clarified the reason as follows:A woman (Bollocco) was changing clothes in the bathroom in the changing room when she dropped a diamond (ring).she fell into the toilet “He started explaining.

That was shit (sic) Literally,” Herrera completed, while her partner added: The woman cried and cried (sic) “, said. But Cecilia was unable to get the jewel back.

total bollocks Appeared twice in the novel first consoles Betty, and then appears when the protagonist is in Cartagena de Indias, having already undergone a decisive transformation after the crisis.

Source: Biobiochile

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