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Touching: an outline of the zeitgeist in a cross-section of contemporary photography



Festival of photography Maribor under the title Dotikanje

In contemporary art, genres are constantly and successfully intertwined, and photography is no exception. In recent decades, he has been involved in painting, sculpture, performance, spatial installations… In this field of “Touching” the Maribor festival moves.

The Maribor Photography Festival, which will take place until the end of September, has the title Touching. The common thread is connecting and meeting photography with other artistic genres. 20 authors present their works at 19 exhibitions at several exhibition centers in Maribor.

“The title Dotikanje is a pun on the fact that I was interested in the contacts between photography and other art genres, i.e. in what ways photographers are starting to experiment, what techniques they are using now that there is so much more freedom in creation and when photography indeed already anchored as a legitimate artistic genre and it is available for her to expand her horizons in various ways as well creative of creation,” said the artistic director of the festival Sara Nuša Golob Grabner.

Barnabas Neogrady-Kiss Neogrády-Kiss does not pose and document only himself in front of his lens, he is not only a passive and static object, the subject of a self-portrait, but is in an active and often playful relationship with his environment and the camera.  Photo: Festival of Photography Maribor

In total, they prepared 19 exhibitions by 20 authors in 17 exhibition venues. The beginning of the festival organized by Fotoklub Maribor will take place this afternoon with a gathering at the Court Tower and a walk to the Maribor Photography Museum and the Jewish Square. At the same time, several exhibitions will be opened, and the official opening of the festival will take place in the evening in the Židovska Cultural Quarter.

According to Sara Nuše Golob Grabner, the program is focused on contemporary art production. The works of photographers from different parts of Slovenia will be exhibited, as well as participating Barnabas Neogrady with work Kiss Selfframing, Unknown 1-2 in the Street Gallery Židovska.

Heralds of the future of photography“We also tried to include younger authors who are just starting their journey. In fact, they are the ones who experiment the most, push the boundaries the most, and the festival is an opportunity for them to establish themselves,” said the artistic director.

IZUM is exhibiting at the exhibition center Mihael Brunčkoin the Maribor University Library (UKM) Dušan Gajšek and Jure Kastelicin the Stolp Photo Gallery Bojan Golčar and Gregor Radonjič and in GT22 Varja Jovanović Trobec, Karmen Kukovič and Tomaž Zajelšnik.

In the Gallery DLUM there is an exhibition on display Remains of light the initiator of the festival Branimir Ritonjein the Gallery RRRudolf she will introduce herself Lucia Maver and in the Court Tower Maja Modrinjak and Tina Dobaj.

Photographs are exhibited in Jewish Square Mark Pakwill be presented at the Maribor Museum of Photography Lana Požlep. There, as part of the accompanying program, there will also be a talk about the photographer Ivan Dvoršak and the first Walk between spaces of contemporary art – Maribor Art Walk.

The work of the Maribor legend is presented in the Maribor Library Dragiša Modrinjakin the Gallery Media Nox is an exhibition of works Blaža Rojsa and in the Synagogue Lane Soklic. They will present it in Trafika Vito Tušek and in Karlini May Selinšek.

Source: Rtvslo

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