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A woman drew laughter with a bold joke during the live dispatch of Meganoticias: “11 bites…”



The recently completed strange place name in Pampira, Coquimbo ended in a bold joke that was broadcast on the news.

There was a comical moment related to a typical Chilean joke during a live news broadcast Friday night. meganoticiasit was carried out again four years later when one of the channel’s reporters was interviewing some people from Pampira in Coquimbo.

Journalists were commenting on the start of the event on the 18th, but it didn’t seem too crowded at the moment. But some positions have already been created and “people are very motivated,” he said.

It was at that time He decided to approach one of the stalls already set up at the location. The stall caught his attention because of its strange name: La Picada del 11 . The reporter then struck up a conversation with the women at the post.

“Tell me, are you ready for this many people?” “They say 300,000 people are coming,” one of the women asked, and one of the women replied, “We’re ready for anything.” I answered.

After several questions, the journalist finally mentioned the name of the place. “11 picadas, this is like 11 picadas.” he looked back.

After approaching the microphone for the last time to those present at the facility, one of the women made a bold joke that ended up being broadcast live on the news. “Picada del 11, for everyone who smokes it (sic)” He declared.

Recall that the “11 joke” is a popular game that Chileans use in informal situations when they hear a number. But the journalist probably didn’t expect that reaction to end his live broadcast. “No, well!” he said upon hearing this answer.

Source: Biobiochile

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