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Vesta Rag tells the truth about her cosmetic procedures: “I’ve had Botox since I was 23”



The singer and model admitted there is “nothing natural” about her and urged her followers to “not comment on other people’s bodies”.

this week, Vesta Rag decided to respond to her followers and revealed the truth about cosmetic surgery . The singer in question addressed several comments asking her to “be natural.”

It was through TikTok that Vesta clarified the situation. He admitted to having Botox applied since he was 23 years old. And that people actually had the wrong view of his image.

According to her story, she would always say things like, “Vesta, you’re such a natural, don’t do that to yourself,” or “You’re one of those natural beauties, that’s why we love you so much.” He says he receives comments like, “I’m doing it.”

After this, she filmed a video at the clinic where the Botox treatment was applied, together with the doctor who has been treating her since she started the treatment.I’ve been getting Botox since I was 23, right, Doctor? “, told him.

Vesta Rag and her thoughts on “being natural”

“To all the people who say to me, “But you’re so natural and so nice” (…) I dye my hair, work out 2 hours a day, wear fake nails, my tan is fake and my wrinkles are non-existent. Because I’m a liar,” he listed.

Similarly, he admitted: “I’m not natural. I have nothing natural ”. Similarly, he showed in short moments how substances are applied.

“What I’m trying to say is that I know it comes from a place of kindness and that such comments were theoretically made to flatter me. But why do we always have to categorize women into natural and unnatural women? ” he looked back.

“It’s wrong to say that natural women deserve respect and unnatural women don’t. And there are millions of things we don’t know,” he said, adding that his words and opinions He called on his followers to take good care of him. “yeahOr express your opinion about foreign objects. ” he concluded.

@vestalugg Be careful not to categorize or judge ❤️ #Botox @Clínica Leben Körper Bcn ???????? ♬ Cafe/Video Cute Trophy♪ Chill (885831) – Imo Kenpido

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