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Nano Calderon surprises young man whose scooter was stolen: “My purpose is to ease your hard times”



Influencer Nano Calderon gifted a new scooter to a young man whose scooter was stolen while returning home in Conchari last Thursday. Recall that he said it was the victim’s means of transportation to get to work every day.

Christian Insulza young man whose electric scooter was stolen while returning home in Conchari was surprised by a gift from an influencer Nano Calderon .

While the young man was in live contact with Chilevisión, Raquel Argandoña’s son appeared on the screen and gifted the man who was the victim of an unusual crime a new scooter.

Please note that after the theft, Christian stated that this scooter was his means of transportation as it was used for his daily commute.

“I was surprised because I didn’t expect it,” the young man said, expressing his gratitude to the influencers.

Nano Calderon, on the other hand, suggested that after seeing Cristian’s transportation stolen, he decided to do something about it. “My purpose this time is to alleviate some of the bad times that have been going on,” he said.

“We saw them take away your work tools and your place to move. It’s unfair for someone else to take away what you’ve worked so hard to earn,” he added.

So he contacted the victim and gave him a new scooter and helmet.

rare scooter theft

Recall that the incident happened last Thursday when Insulza was on his way home on his scooter. At that moment, he was hit by a car, and one of his occupants, unusually, stuck half his body out of the window and stole the device.

In fact, the theft was so surprising that the young man fell backwards to the ground. “[The criminals]don’t think about the consequences. A car could have passed by and they would have told a different story. It was a Fiat Punto with two people in it… It was my transportation to work,” he said at the time.

Source: Biobiochile

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