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Big Brother takes over the cooking: Ramada’s funny name hints at the reality show



Alluding to “La Fulminante” and “Los Lulos,” many of the inns at this year’s Fiesta Patrias chose their names inspired by the reality show Big Brother.

As with all national holiday celebrations, the fonderos try to be more creative with the names of their establishments, usually featuring “fashionable” or hot topics.

For example, “El socavón,” “La Fondación,” and “Chelacracia Viva” are some of the names found in sports clubs in Viña del Mar and Valparaíso and inns in Alejo Barrios Park.

But another topic that cannot be left out of the inn’s inspiration is the Chilebisión reality show “Big Brother”.

They reported on social networks about some institutions that decided to be baptized with names hinting at the current program.

One of the most talked about restaurants was Concepción’s “La Fulminante…No one will save you from this” restaurant. This alludes to an option with the same name as a contestant on the program and consists of sending another person directly to the elimination plate. A player who has no chance of being “saved” by this week’s leader.

Similarly, at Sporting de Viña del Mar, one of the inns was titled “Confessions”, referring to the place where participants could vote on the elimination of teammates or special requests.

Penko also has “La Fonda de los Lulos” which honors the team made up of a group of Big Brother contestants.

@abbylorena #Penkoesamor #chirinidaparty #Luros #bigbrotherchili ♬ Team Lulo – Jorge Imhof

Among them, one named “Anticuchos at 3331” also appeared. This is the phone number where you can vote to eliminate the named participant.

Other names include El Gran Curao and Lulos con Grammar.

Do you have any other interesting restaurant names?

Source: Biobiochile

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