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Former MDO, Didier Hernandez, meets Salvadoran fans



With Yvonne Hernandez of Nuevas Ideas, a super fan of over 20 years.  / Photos: Joel Díaz

With Yvonne Hernandez of Nuevas Ideas, a super fan of over 20 years. / Photos: Joel Díaz

Cuban singer Didier Hernández, one of the original members of the Nineties group MDO – The Heirs of Menudo – celebrates this Saturday and Sunday the long-awaited coexistence with a group of his devoted Salvadoran followers who can interact, live together and have. A real moment close to the artist.

“It was a very different experience than usual, it’s more intimate here, I spend time not only singing them new and old songs from the MDO era, but also writing a new song, sharing, eating together. And it makes for a very pleasant afternoon,” said the singer, who is currently promoting her solo single “I Didn’t Want to Marry You Too.”

Didier experienced success in the great era of MDO, coinciding with colleagues such as Fey, Mercurio, Onda Vaselina or Kabah, and thanks to megahits such as “I can’t forget you” or “I can’t forget you” that sounded this Saturday. They gathered in a close group of fans in one of the capital’s hotels, where they also took Cuban souvenirs.

With journalists Joel Diaz and Alma Martinez.

With journalists Joel Diaz and Alma Martinez.

In addition, the performer shared that after three years, he and his companions will again participate in Ari Borovoy’s “90s Pop Tour”, in Mexico City, on September 29 and in Monterrey on October 13, and one more date in the United States in 2024. “To share with colleagues of many years that we have a very beautiful friendship, to step on the same stage, but here 20 to 25, 30 years later, is a very beautiful experience,” he said.

He then confirmed that MDO’s 25th anniversary tour is coming up, so they’ll be kicking off with reunion shows in Mexico and Peru. This tour will include Alexis Grulon, Abel Talamantes and Didier; Pablo Portillo (singer of the hit “Te quie vivir”) will be on some of the dates, while Daniel will be unable to attend due to other commitments.

with singer and former presenter Neto Valle, who at the time represented El Salvador in the competition

Together with the singer and former presenter Neto Valle, who at that time represented El Salvador in the “Battle of the Americas” competition, to find the new “XM2”, another continuation of Menudo.

In addition, he explained that MDO always honors the memory of Anthony Galindo, who died in October 2020 at the age of 41, in his presentations. “We will honor his memory with his songs on stage, this is the best way to remember him with the joy he always gave us and all his audiences.” He is when the moment comes to sing “Baila La”. Rumba”, “Contigo en heaven” or “A thousand angels”, which we dedicate to him”, he noted.

The second and last meeting for this week will be held in the morning at the volcano of San Salvador. People interested in joining can request more information through the fan club page Instagram

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A small group of fans enjoy this two-day gathering in El Salvador.

A small group of fans enjoy this two-day gathering in El Salvador.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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