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Russell Brand denies allegations of sexual assault, rape and emotional and physical abuse



Some decided to speak out because the star is increasingly visible as an online well-being influencer.

Four women have accused British comedian Russell Brand of rape, sexual assault, and physical and emotional abuse. The 48-year-old denied the claims and said that all his relationships were consensual. He believes that it is an attack that he wants to discredit.

Russell Brand, who is like stand-up comedian who rose to fame in Britain at the beginning of this millennium, is dealing with serious allegations from four women who they are knew him in the period between 2006 and 2013, when he was at the height of his fame. One of them claims that he raped her, the other three they are accused him of sexual assault, with at least two of the alleged assaults occurring in Los Angeles. One of the women who they are wanted to remain anonymous, she also said that she was physically and emotionally abused, another shared that she was supposed to be in London at the time of the attack old only 16 years old, and Brand 31.

The decision not to report him was made by at least one of the women because she believed that her words would count for nothing against his. For foreign media that they are conducted research (The Sunday Times, The Times of London and Channel 4 Dispatches), they are the women said yes they are were ready to tell their story only after they are journalists approached them. Some of them they are cited his increasing visibility as an online wellness influencer as the impetus for the decision to speak out. In recent years, Brand has also turned into a political commentator and influencer, posting videos on YouTube about topics such as personal freedom and the pandemic. covid-19, AP reports.

Even before they are after the stories were published, the 48-year-old, who is known for his outrageous behavior and pranks, posted a video online denying the allegations, which they are were described in two “extremely worrying letters“one of the television companies and the newspaper.”Amongst this litany of stunning, rather baroque attacks, there are some very serious allegations that I reject in their entirety,” he said, adding that the claims relate to his time working in commercial waters.

At that time I was in newspapers all the time, I was in films and I was very, very promiscuous – I have already written about this extensively in my books” he continued and emphasized that they are all relationships at that time were always completely consensual, and he was always open about everything, perhaps almost too much in his opinion. “Seeing the candor devolve into something criminal, which I completely deny, makes me wonder if there is an ulterior motive at play,” said the star, who has also starred in Hollywood films, hinting that they are these rumors part of an organized and coordinated attack he wants to discredit because of his views. Brand has been the target of criticism because he has repeatedly expressed his skepticism about vaccines covid-19, at the same time he also had interviews with controversial leaders podcastslike Joe Rogan.

Literary agency Tavistock Wood, who is said to be representing Brando, told CNN that the 2020 actor “categorically and vehemently denied the charge” given by a woman who was old 16 years old, when she was supposed to have met Brando, but now the agency thinks that he deceived them, so they are with him already interrupted cooperation.

Source: Rtvslo

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