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Pamela Diaz without a filter: she would have revealed two new participants on the Tierra Brava reality show



From her room in Peru, Pamela Diaz had no problem revealing new details about the Channel 13 reality show “Tierra Brava”.

‘La aunt de la micro’, ‘El Futuro Fuera de orbit’ and Chilean model Jonathan Mujica have been confirmed as the latest participants of the event. Channel 13’s new reality show ‘Tierra Brava’.

One of the first contestants announced was Pamela Diaz he has already come to Peru to start filming the reality show, whose premiere date is Sunday, October 1st, 10pm

However, a live broadcast by Pamela Diaz, also known as “La Fiera,” broke the secret regarding the unidentified participants.

Who will be the new participants in Tierra Brava?

Yesterday, Pamela Diaz broadcast live from her hotel room as she waited for her reality show to start. . When asked if she was nervous about starting the program, she replied, “I’m a little nostalgic.” Additionally, she briefly commented on Chilebisión and Pluto TV’s reality show Big Brother.

However, as he continued to chat with his social media followers, two people were glimpsed through the window, apparently also unidentified participants in Tierra Brava.

“La Fiera” begins with the cry, “I love you, my children, my friends, and my colleagues.” At that point, focus on who your followers immediately recognized you as. Simon de la Costa, better known as the famous Chilean TikToker. Simon Tao . “They’re going to challenge me because of you, but we have two members,” Diaz admitted.

@Deliberately Pamela Diaz misses the name of the newly confirmed player from Tierra Brava: Simon De La Costa (@Simon De La Costa) will appear for Tierra Brava #RealityChili #older brother #bigbrotherchili #ghchv #Tellross Show #terrabrava #terrabravac13 #Pamela Diaz ♬ Original song – on purpose

But that wasn’t all he revealed. “Miguelito, where are you? People are watching you there, I’m alive,” the model shouted from the window. miguelito The actor, who is known for his participation with Morande, will then appear as a potential contestant on the Channel 13 reality show, hosted by Carla Constant and Sergio Lagos.

@Deliberately Pamela Diaz confirms Miguelito’s participation in Tierra Brava #RealityChili #older brother #bigbrotherchili #ghchv #Tellross Show #terrabrava #terrabravac13 #Pamela Diaz #ghvip #miguelito ♬ Original song – on purpose

Source: Biobiochile

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