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Irina Karamanos responds to Marcela Vakarezza after questions about her role as First Lady



President Gabriel Bolic’s partner confronts him and forces him to speak at length after the former TV host questioned the role of first lady and accused Karamanos of contradicting her own statements. I invited you.

rear marcella vacarezza summon and denounce Irina Karamanos contradict his statements and position regarding the role of first lady President Gabriel Boric’s partner reacted vocally via Twitter.

The dispute erupted after Karamanos’ interview. Second So the president’s partner declared:Although I am proud of my political party membership and my public role as First Lady, My most important identity is that I am a citizen and activist who passionately believes in the rights of my fellow citizens to live in a stable democracy. ”

It was precisely the opening part of her words that made the former TV presenter uncomfortable. He reproduced the image from the interview and commented: “The first lady who never wanted to be first lady.” Mr. Vakarezza said of Mr. Karamanos, referring to her resignation from the role of socio-cultural coordinator of the presidency, which is usually held by the wife (in this case, partner) of the president of the republic.

In response to his words, Irina Karamanos replied:If only those who want to maintain it take on it, the institutional role of delegitimizing the state by granting power privileges to the president and his wife will never change. . So, if Culturally, they are called “first ladies.” . If you wish, we can meet and talk. Hello,” he invited her.

Marcela Vakarezza’s reply to Irina Karamanos

This led the two to resolve their differences privately, although Vakarezza preferred to keep the conversation open with Karamanos via Twitter.

“I’m struck by how proud she is of the official title of first lady,” she began, adding: We refer to ourselves as such in connection with our previous statements on this subject. ” .

He added to it: “Are we depriving ourselves of the legitimacy that comes with the privileges that come with that position?” he asked her, adding: “The problem is not privilege itself (a concept you discredit as such), but what is done with that privilege. .and We ask that you actively utilize this information for the sake of the national interest. . “Gomero” is not specific to the position,” he concluded.

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