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US media offers special job: Journalist specializing in Taylor Swift



The buzz and popularity of the American singer led two media outlets in the northern part of the continent to look for a communicator specifically to follow the career of the multiple Grammy Award winner.

From the success of American singers Taylor Swift No one doubts it. His over 20 Grammy Awards in the industry prove it. In response to this, the media USA Today and tennessean They were recruiting for a special job that was almost exclusive to the singer’s fans.

as collected CNThis was reported by the same communication company media. They are looking for a professional journalist dedicated to tracking the careers of singer-songwriters. “love story” .

The job requires communicators to have the following skills: Writing, photography, managing social networks in addition to the built-in: Learn about the singer’s career and follow her career exclusively .

“Swift’s fan base has grown to unprecedented proportions, and so has the importance of her music and her ever-growing legacy.” “We are seeking energetic writers, photographers, and social media professionals who can fill us with a constant flow of content across our platforms,” they wrote in the job posting. variety.

Their job description states, “A Taylor Swift reporter will help you understand why the pop star’s influence is only growing, what her fan base represents in pop culture, and what she means in music and entertainment.” “We will reveal the impact we are having on the world,” he added. We’re looking for journalists who have an unbiased voice and can quickly develop a national audience. Through intelligent content designed to satisfy readers on their terms. ”

If you want to apply for a specific job, Travel around the world and attend all concerts on the Elas Tour Now she is an American and an international talent, but this Record the most important moments of the show .

However, one of the main requirements of this job is at least 5 years experience As a journalist. This is in addition to sending 1-2 page resume , presentation video Explanation of how to approach the work and 4 to 8 work samples.Just enter this to apply Link Review additional employment requirements.

Source: Biobiochile

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