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“I’m going to see the pigeon coop”: Pinkoya’s emotional family planning after breaking up with Big Brother



The original contestants of the show were invited to a dinner to celebrate their appearance on the reality show, during which the Chiloé native revealed her plans for when she leaves the Big Brother house.

During the “Top 5” dinner called by “Big”, the original five participants… older brother They attended a meeting filled with memories at Zumu, a house studio. Pinkoya (Jennifer Garvarini) talked about her next plans. When should I end the program? .

contestant Jorge Aldoney, Hanz Valdez, Alessia Traverso, Connie Cappelli In addition to the previously mentioned TikTokers, they shared on a special episode of the CHV program where they were taken to a “live” dinner.

It was then that the players started talking about what they thought was waiting outside. After listing the duties that Mr. Chili must fulfill when he goes out, such as buying food and visiting friends, Pinkoya opened his heart He revealed what he wanted to do after leaving home.

“I’m going to go home and hug my son, go see my cat, and hug my husband. From there, we’ll talk for a while and then coffee.” he began to say.

“I tell him I’m going to see my mom and I’m going with my brothers.” we create a cure “It depends on the day I arrive,” he continued. “You have it all planned out,” Alessia interrupted, laughing.

But Pinkoya’s plans didn’t end there.I’m going to see dad, I’ll give him flowers. . “I’m going to see my godson. And I’m going to eat some curantos.”

He added to it:Go look at the pigeon coop, see if this other guy built the house, and that’s it. Nothing more. “She said this before being interrupted by Mr. Jorge, who promised that she would be invited to appear on the TV show.

“can. And if I ever leave here, the first thing I want to do is ask for a phone so I can call my son. “, Hill.

It is worth remembering that this September 18th marks exactly 90 days since the contestants entered the first Chilean version of the camp. older brother. He had 18 players entered at that time, of which 13 were eliminated, and the only players entered after the aforementioned date were Raimundo, Ignacia Michaelsson, Fede Farrell, and Scarlet. .

Source: Biobiochile

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