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Aljoša Ternovšek receives the Prešeren Theater July Award



He will receive the award for his role in Rainy Day in Grulitsch at the Prešeren Theater on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

In justifying the award, the jury wrote that Aljoša Ternovšek’s play “has the power to bring us, the viewers, with its intensity to a situation where we ourselves see our own and the common dark abyss”.

Prešeren’s Kranj theater in cooperation with Gorenjski glas and Since 2017, the municipality of Kranj has been awarding the prize in July, named after the poet France Prešeren’s muse, and it is dedicated to the member of the acting ensemble who most convinced the audience with his creation last season. and the jury.

In the 2022/2023 season, the player receives it Aljoša Ternovšek for the role of Peter in the play Rainy day in Gurlitsch Milan Ramšak Marković and directed Sebastijan Horvat (co-production of Prešeren Theater Kranj and of the Ptuj City Theatre).

After each performance, the audience voted for the best acting creation, and the actors in the performances competed for the award of the 2022/2023 season All for free! All for free! Daria Foja, A closed study. “New Constructive Ethics Ivan Viripayeva, That I’m afraid? Maruše Kresa and Rainy day in Gurlitsch Milan Ramšak Marković.

The play, based on the text of the award-winning playwright Milan Ramšak Marković, describes the identity crisis of the European middle class and talks about the dual character of the traumas caused by loss.

The jury is composed of a dramatist Vilma Štritof (president), journalist of Gorenjski glas Igor Kavčič and representatives of the audience Barbara Logar wrote in the justification of the award: “In a scene with a static opening view, the view changes more and more intensely at cinematic speed, and Peter falls deeper and deeper until he supposedly kills a man. But it’s nothing for sure: maybe it is Gurlitz only in him and it doesn’t really exist. Aljoša Ternovšek plays the role of Peter do details evolved from a self-confident intellectual to a man whose everything has gotten out of hand, as he becomes a wreck and he doesn’t even trust himself anymore. His play has the power to bring us, the viewers, into the with its intensity the situationwhen we see our own and a common dark abyss.”

From beautiful to rainy (perfect) daysAljoša Ternovšek was born in Maribor, and after finishing high school he enrolled at the Academy of Theatre, Radio and Film and television in Ljubljana and also successfully completed it. He found his first job at the City Theater of Ljubljana, and in the 2004/05 season he became a member of the City Theater of Ptuj. In the show That beautiful afternoon played Dušan Vaupotič – Doubletabout which a film was made in 2002 with the title Pincer. He has been a member of the acting ensemble of PG Kranj since 2011, and for his work he has received numerous awards, including recognition from the Association of Dramatic Artists of Slovenia (ZDUS) of Slovenia and Borštnik’s Play Award in 2018, Special Jury Award and Critics’ Round Table Award in 2021, and Noble Comedy Award as selected by an expert jury in 2023.

Grieving for what we never hadThe story is about Peter and To Ingrid, a married couple from the suburbs of Klagenfurt, who, amid global crises such as climate change, a new war in Europe and increased social inequality, failed attempts to have a child are of greatest concern. The play begins when the couple discovers that an expensive necklace, once the property of Ingrid’s great-aunt, a famous Austrian post-war feminist author, has disappeared from their home. On the hunt for the thief, Peter goes to Klagenfurt, which was unknown to him at the time.

A play based on the text of award-winning playwright Milan Ramšak Marković, describing the identity crisis of the European middle class speak up about the dual nature of the traumas caused by loss. “Is it more important to face the sense of loss itself or the fact that we never really had what we are grieving?” they ask in the description of the play.

In addition to Aljoša Ternovšek, who portrays Peter, they also perform in the play Vesna Pernarčič, Long live Selan, Borut Veselka, Darja Reichman, Vesna Slapar, Miha Rodman, Blaž Setnikar and Miha Nemec.

Photo: PGK/Nada Žgank

Aljoša Ternovška will be awarded the prize at a ceremony in the Prešeren Theater, and otherwise on September 20, 2023, after the first premiere of the season, the staging of the author’s project The Last Hamlet directed Lee Kukovičić.

Source: Rtvslo

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