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He miscalculated and slipped: Gato Juanito suffered a painful fall in the middle of the Catuléos show.



El Gato Juanito made a painful entrance onto the stage at the Cirenidad Festival in Linares, a moment that has gone viral in the last few hours.

It happened during the presentation of marcelo and kachuleos at an event organized by the City of Linares and held in the city’s Plaza de Armas.

The first person to appear in public was Marcelo, an animator in the children’s space, as can be seen in the image published by a user on X (formerly Twitter).

In this way, other characters of the memorable program began to appear one after another, such as Chester, Wenceslas the Rabbit, Epidemia and others.

But when it was my turn, Juanito Cat I had a small miscalculation and fell heavily to the ground when I slipped.

After hitting the floor, the beloved character quickly got back up to his feet to dance, even as he rubbed the spot where he was hit.

Although there were signs of pain, it did not escalate at that moment, leading to laughter from the team and assistants who noticed the fall.

Of note, Fiesta de la Cirenidad continues this Monday with presentations of artists including American Sound, and on Tuesday 3×7 Veintiuna by actors Daniel Muñoz and Sonora Baron. It is something that is done.

Source: Biobiochile

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