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“How beautiful she dances”: Sigrid Alegría attracts attention online with her elegant cueca legs



Actress Sigrid Alegría captured the attention of users with her elegant cueca foot dance.

Since Friday, celebrations have been held for us across the country. national holidays there are ramadas and inns in different parts of the country’s territory.

One of those who don’t want to miss out on the celebration is Sigrid Alegria recently became a hot topic on social networks after he showed off his cueca skills with a dance that drew applause.

The moment was shared on social networks and racked up thousands of views.

“How beautiful is Sigrid Alegría’s cueca dancing in Lechupara?” Written by the user who uploaded the sequence.

Comments about the national performer included: “Cueca Brava, sensual but delicate”, “What a beautiful and delicate woman” and “Elegant and sensual”.

Please note that Sigrid is the second daughter. Julio Alegria folk group members park a group with over 50 years of musical experience.

Sigrid also collaborated with the band Four Cuca in 2020 and has participated in several shows with the musician since then.

“My heart is filled with love. It’s endlessly funny to see an old man go on stage and lose 50 years. It’s nice to see that shine through, and it’s unique and wonderful to look at each other and conspire. ” said the actress after performing a series of cuecas with appalcoa at the 2020 Vamos Chilenos Solidarity Movement.

Source: Biobiochile

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