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This week’s radio plays: Suicide Commission, Last Judgment and Accused Wolf



In the third week of September, the radio games mirror the world and its (anti)heroes through thematically intensified zooms. It seems that we understand the problems in all their dimensions only when we look at them through one or another microscope.

The auditory world is certainly one of the biggest increases. The concrete media of the external world gives way to the internal abstraction of thought. Of course, this is demanding, but not unmanageable. Opposite. You just have to surrender to it and train it. Discipline of thought and focused listening, however, may be easier if we listen together in the beginning. With someone else. And we also talk about what we heard. With someone else. Same as the difference between reading silently and reading aloud. Try a game already this week…

Preciousness in all shades as a resistance to common senseMonday radio play on Ars, a farce Funny Precious smile tongue Preciousthe taste of gizdalin and the stupidity of romantic quixoticism. Preciousness was a special cultural movement in French omics of the 17th century. It developed into a manner in which the aristocracy tried to change the existing cultural value in an unnatural way. Mainly in language, understanding the world, dressing and shedding. A special Gizdalian aesthetic was created that violated nature and resisted common sense. Of course it does precision engineering it occurs in all times and all places of the world. Today, especially in new deviations of pronounced self-love, retouching and instagram images of the 21st century. The play from 1992 based on the work of the same name by the French comedian JBP Moliere is staged and arranged for the radio Jože Valentič.

A satirical view of abbot bureaucratic everyday life In Tuesday’s game Suicide Commission on the First, we encounter a satirical look at abbot the bureaucratic everyday life of an individual. At the same time, insightful criticism does not spare the common mentality that the rescue is vital problems can be left to the institutions. The heroes of this story come to ask the suicide commission to legally allow them a way out of their living hell. But it is during the farcical wait at the door of the committee that all the suicide candidates experience a fatal turn.

The 1984 game was based on a template Ervin Fritz and directed Aleš Jana.

A witty satire on human credulityIn the middle term of short radio plays on Ars, the September cycle of short radio plays by Karel Čapek continues. The famous Czech humorist indulged in a witty satire on human credulity in Poslednja sodba. He directed the 1992 play Igor Likar.

Prague.  Photo: Pixabay

A hidden life of moral depravityThursday’s game at Ars continues the Cankar cycle in the radio game. Cankar reveals in the story Aleš from Razor hypocrisy society at that time, towards which he had a very clear moral position. Namely, he presents Aleš as a stuck-up pious man with anointed manners, but at the same time as self-interested unprecedented. Weekend hidden from view compatriots namely, he lives a completely different life…

The 1953 play is one of the oldest held by our national radio archive and was directed by Mirc Kragelj.

Diptych from Butal for Saturday evening…On Saturday at Prve, the September cycle of narrative miniatures Butalci continues in the slot of a short radio play. This time About Butalec in the Spruce and About the cat who didn’t like the tap on the first autumn day of the year. He narrates Mario Dragojevic.

Little Red Riding Hood with illustrations by Marlenka Stupica.  Photo: dLib

The transformation of the famous heroine with a red riding hood …In the third week of September, on Sunday, the Accused Wolf from the Brothers Grimm Radio Play Series concludes at Prv. It is the well-known story of Little Red Riding Hood by the Brothers Grimm, except that it is written quite differently, in its own way, in the form of a trial against a wolf. He is a negative person in the fairy tale, but in court we also hear different interpretations and evaluations of his actions. Žarko Petan, the author of the proposal, therefore created a kind of parody of the famous, almost nationalized fairy tale, which also suggests many possibilities of interpretations of the fairy tales of famous German fairy tales. The play from 1972, with which generations grew up, is directed by Aleš Jan.

All games are available on demand on the websites of Prve, Ars or on RTV 365 for a month after the broadcast.

Radio game schedule from September 18 to 24, 2023
Monday, September 18 Radio play 22.05 (Ars) – JBP Moliere, Jože Valentič: Funny pretties (drama)

Tuesday, September 19Radio game 21.05 (First) – Ervin Fritz: Suicide Commission (grotesque)

Wednesday, September 20 – Cycle of short radio plays by Karel Čapek Short radio play 13.05 (Ars) – Karel Čapek, Bogdan Gjud: Last judgment (comedy)

Thursday, September 21 – Cankar in a radio game Radio game 22.05 (Ars) – Ivan Cankar, Vasja Ocvirk: Aleš from Razor (drama)

Saturday, September 23 – Cycle of short narrative miniatures Short radio play 22:40 (Prvi) – Fran Milčinski: Butalci 4 – About Butalec in the Spruce and About the Cat Who Didn’t Like the Tap (satire)

Sunday, September 24 – Cycle of radio games for children Brothers Grimm Radio game for children 08.05 (First) – Žarko Petan: The Accused Wolf (fairy tale 8+)

Source: Rtvslo

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