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“Hasta Siempre Grima Querida”: Actors and actresses mourn the death of Grimaneza Jiménez



Actors, actresses and television personalities mourned the death of Grimaneza Jimenez, an outstanding performer who dedicated her life to acting.

On Monday of this week, the Chilean Actores newspaper confirmed the death of the famous national actress, who passed away at the age of 86.

“His memory is eternal as his character lives in the hearts of millions of Chileans.” The corporation specifically mentioned Mr. Jiménez, who has participated in films such as “Los Venegas,” “Rojo y Miel,” and “Maron Glace.”

Her colleagues and friends quickly took to social media to bid farewell to the famous interpreter.

“We still have your laughter, your humor, your talent and your love. Dear Grima, see you soon.” wrote Javiera Contador.

“May the entire team at Teatro La Memoria, where Grima performed many times, rest in peace!! We salute his talent and humanity.” added Alfredo Castro.

Paloma Moreno highlighted the late actress’ humor. “Wonderful Mr. Grima! What a great way to laugh and learn with you. May they give you a round of applause!” he mentioned.

“A wonderful person, actress, and colleague.” suggested Guido Vecchiola, and Ariel Materna said: “What a great Grima. So much joy, love and dedication. Rest.”

“can’t believe it”, María Jesús Vidaure lamented. “We will never forget you, dear Grima.” Francisco Saavedra said.

Natalia Aragon posted: “Dear Grima. You are talented and full of humor. I admire your work.”

“Grima, your joy and talent will always be with us.” published by Felipe Contreras.

It should be noted that the wake for the interpreter will be held from this afternoon at Cidarte, 131 Ernesto Pinto Lagarigue.

Source: Biobiochile

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