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Rodrigo Sepulveda was moved to praise Bombare’s gesture: “Eternal gratitude”



Mega’s current face was visibly moved as he paid tribute to his former colleague, the memorable former footballer and radio sports communicator who sadly passed away on September 18, 2015. .

September 18th of this year marks eight years since the delicate death of a former player and memorable sports journalist. Eduardo Bombale And soon sweet memories came to mind Rodrigo Sepulveda .

The current face of television uses the space on the daytime version of Meganoticias Alerta to Praise the “Guru” with an emotional speech on the screen.

“I can understand his dreams, his aspirations.” the presenter began, while showing an image of the former radio host kissing at the World Cup.

“He kissed her with passion and love. He gave a speech that is still heard to this day and made us feel that we could one day be world champions. “On different platforms,” he continued.

Delving into his own work experience that he was happy to share with Bonvalette, Mr. Sepulveda said:The only thing I can say is that I am always grateful. . “He’s the one who gave me the opportunity to be on national radio.”

Along these lines, journalists believe that the “gurus” are “ He grabbed me and took me to La Red and was very helpful. This was not only true for him, but for other teammates as well.

And for “Sep” it was difficult not to mention the uplifting gesture in highlighting Eduardo Bombale. “In one of radio’s most complex moments, When we had to look for sponsors, he paid us with his own money. ” was declassified.

“That was a man named Eduardo.” Realizing that he was in financial trouble, he grabbed his briefcase and went to collect sponsors. ” he emphasized.

“He inspired a lot of us to move forward, to move forward in this field; claudio palma to Rodrigo Norambuena, who today is a great coach,” were some of his words.” Rodrigo Sepulveda clearly excited He dedicated his heartfelt words to. Bombare family Eight years have passed since the sad death of a memorable national communicator.

Memories of Eduardo Bombare by Rodrigo Sepulveda

Source: Biobiochile

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