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Andreja Kalc, Janina Kos and Jernej Županič nominated for the Sovret award



The prize will be awarded on the eve of Translators’ Day, September 29

Andreja Kalc, Janina Kos and Jernej Županič are this year’s nominees for the Sovret Award, which has been awarded by the Society of Slovenian Literary Translators since 1963 for particularly successful translations of fiction texts from foreign languages ​​into Slovenian.

The announcement and awarding of this year’s award will take place on the eve of Translators’ Day, September 29 at 7 p.m in the premises of the Society of Slovenian Literary Translators. There will also be a conversation with the nominee and the nominee.

Andreja Kalc the translation of the novel brought the nomination Field research on Ukrainian sex prominent Ukrainian philosophers, essayists, engaged intellectuals and poets Oksana Zabužka, which was published by the Beletrina publishing house. It is a genre hybrid work that is still extremely modern and relevant. The work required a lot of knowledge, sensitivity, flexibility and innovation from the translator in conveying all the mental, emotional, ideational and linguistic changes of the text. The translator managed to transfer into the Slovenian language all this branched vocabulary of an energetic, in some places “hudournic” style, she writes in the justification of the nomination.

Book The most secret memory of mankind French writer of Senegalese origin by Mohamed Mbougar Sarra, which was translated into Slovenian by Janina Kos, was published by Mladinski knjigi. It tells the story of the search for the missing Senegalese writer TC Eliman, the fictional author of a mysterious masterpiece Labyrinth of Inhumanity from the 1930s, around which myths are woven, and at the same time it is an homage to literature. In this multifaceted and polyphonic novel, time, space and the ramified narratives of the main character and fictitious witnesses are intertwined. According to the commission, the translator “not only skilfully broke through Sarro’s complex labyrinth, but subtly twisted the narrative thread in all shades and sovereignly unraveled its stylistic, syntactic and other knots“.

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Jernej Županič is nominated for the translation of the novel Moby Dick or Whalewhich he wrote in 1851 Herman Melville and is considered one of the greatest works of American literature. The genre of the work is so varied and complexly structured that some literary historians prefer to call it an epic rather than a novel. It is an adventure story about whaling, which at first glance is a kind of encyclopedia of maritime whaling legends and tales, with the central story of the uncompromising, obsessed Captain Ahab, who descends into a deadly battle with a giant whale. In reality, however, all external events are wrapped in symbolism and allegory. According to the commission’s assessment, the translator was up to it “literary mammoth“, which was also published by Beletrina. He created a coherent, sovereign and juicy translation with a strong authentic presence. With it, he proved the translator’s fitness for translating very complex syntax. He kept the natural epic swing and clearly delivered even very complex sentences, without would weaken the intelligibility of the message, among other things it says in the justification.

This year’s nominees for the translation society’s state award were chosen by a commission Stefan Vevar (president), Lijana Dejak, Nina Gostiša, Marjanca Mihelič and Veronika Simoniti.

Source: Rtvslo

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