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Up to 99% loss: study reveals the least profitable movie sequel in history



The study analyzed numbers from the IMDb database and from there concluded which movies are the most profitable and which are the least profitable. Some had losses of up to 99%.

Massive sell-outs at movie theaters are commonplace today, and while they seem surprising compared to the competition from streaming, there have been times in the industry’s history when it comes to drawing large enough audiences. There are also sequels that could not be done. You can’t even recover the money you invested in production. .

With this idea in mind, we explored the movie database with Replay Web Analytics. IMDbfrom which he concluded What are the industry’s most and least profitable movie sequels? .

The aftermath with the most losses

According to data collected by the study, the films that lost the most are French films visitor 2(1998) Starring Christian Clavier and Jean Reno the profit was only 1%. I lost 99% of my investment .

But she’s not the only one with these alarming numbers. Dominion: The Exorcist Part 1 (2005).there they spent $30 million And the profit was only USD $251,495 .

95% and 90% losses occur Mandalay (2005) sequel America: Land of Opportunityand son of pink panther (1993). Rounding out the top five, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 3(1994), I lost 89% of my investment. .

However, not everything in the history of film has been negative, with multi-million dollar proposals reaching theaters and, according to studies, profits tripled.

Most profitable sequel

Well, it’s a horror movie. paranormal activity 2 (2010), won first place Earn more than 5,000% of your investment However, this may be due to the following reasons: less investment has been made there it was only 3 million US dollars.

follow behind him taxi 3 (2003) had a return of 4938%. In third place, horror and suspense stories continue their winning streak. paranormal activity 3 ” (2011) made an overwhelming profit of over $200 million.

meanwhile, the last exorcism(2010) and Game of Terror II (Saw II) (2005) finished the list with returns of over 3,000%.

Source: Biobiochile

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