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The proposal for a new national strategy for museums and galleries is put up for public discussion



According to the announcement of the Ministry of Culture, the proposal for the strategy will be publicly discussed for two months

The Ministry of Culture has prepared a proposal for the National Strategy for Museums and Galleries 2024-2028, which will replace the Cultural Heritage Strategy in the part related to the protection of movable cultural heritage.

According to the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture Matevža Čelik Vidmarja namely, the current strategy expires this year, and a new one should enter into force in 2024. This Wednesday, the proposal of the strategy will be presented at the fourth International Congress of Slovenian Museums in Koper, and the secretary expressed the hope that they will receive many constructive comments. The strategy proposal will be in public consideration for two months. At the same time, an implementation plan of the strategy is also being created, which will start to be implemented after its adoption.

Compliance with the strategic guidelines of international organizationsThe strategy proposal was prepared by the working group for museum policy, which was appointed by the minister last year Asta Vrečko, professional museum organizations were involved in the preparation. The strategy is based on analyzes and professional strategic guidelines of international organizations.

According to Čelik Vidmarjev, this is the first time museums and galleries are being tackled with a sectoral strategy. He pointed out that the Slovenian museum network is very branched and diverse both typologically and content-wise as well as organizationally. The first challenge is how to bring all these diverse institutions into a single functioning system that will follow the same quality standards. The strategy recognizes this diversity and is designed in such a way that each of the institutions can contribute to the realization of the common goals of the strategy. At the same time, with the strategy, they want to encourage institutions to connect programs and exchange, the state secretary added.

As another important challenge, he highlighted the issue of how to connect physical collections with digitized content so that the offer will be interesting for visitors. The challenge is also how to establish more systematic education for museum workers, both formal education through university programs, which will have to be subject to interdepartmental agreement, and education that already takes place within museum organizations.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture Matevž Čelik Vidmar at today's presentation of the draft national strategy for museums and galleries 2024-2028.  Photo: STA/Bor Slana

Also a multi-year investment planAlong with the strategy, a multi-year plan for investments and investments in museums is also drawn up. The strategy will be followed by a revision of the legislation, which will redefine the public service of museums and harmonize it with the new definition of a museum adopted by the International Council of Museums. The aforementioned definition opens up and expands the public mission of museums and obliges them to work with communities, sustainable development and increasing the accessibility of collections also through digital content.

The strategy proposal already takes into account that, as part of the plan for recovery and resilience, a digital register of immovable cultural heritage is being prepared, which will be linked to the development of an online platform that will connect Slovenian museums and enable better cooperation between them and better promotion of programs at home and abroad. concluded Čelik Vidmar.

Source: Rtvslo

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