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Guarello makes controversial criticism of El Conde’s Pablo Larraín: “He continues to falsify history”



After watching the film “El Conde,” the journalist made harsh comments about the Chilean director.

harsh criticism exposed Juan Cristóbal Guarello told coach Pablo Larrain: This is after watching the movie count, It was recently released on Netflix.

Broadly speaking, the film is a satire of sorts, with Jamie Vadell playing the dictator as a vampire. Sports pundits didn’t like the proposal.

“On Saturday, I decided to watch the movie “El Conde” (…) I was tired of Pablo Larraín fabricating Chile’s history (…) when there are still people looking for their relatives. When the aftermath of “This man has allowed himself to trivialize the coup and create a Pinochet that is not even a caricature.” he explained.

“I love Jaime Vadell very much. I met his father when he was young and I like him. He doesn’t look like Pinochet and has nothing to do with Pinochet. . He creates vampire stories and Pinochet flies like Superman. “A combination of Wes Anderson and Tarkovsky.” he added.

@nicogutierrezok “Tell your story in Colonia Dignidad” Guarello will face Pablito Larrain and “El Conde” in Tutti. PS: Regarding heat cephalus, this is an excerpt from a long comment made yesterday on the YouTube program @lahoradekingkong #KingKongArmy #count #Fable #Pablo Larrein #cinema #Chile ♬ Original song – Momoko

Guarello criticizes Pablo Larrain

The journalist praised the film’s graphic quality, but commented harshly on the script and also mentioned Larrain’s other film work.

“Very well shot, very good sound, very good art, but it is clear that Mr. Larrain continues to falsify Chilean history. The referendum was tampered with. “No won not because he ran a good advertising campaign, but because there is 40% poverty in Chile and someone should have told Larrain,” he said.

“He had already fabricated Neruda in that Morondaga film with a cartoonish Neruda. Gnecko interpreted it badly, but it had nothing to do with Neruda’s political and poetic moment. , it seemed as if he was 20 years old and talking about love. He always talks about things he doesn’t understand,” he added.

In the end, more controversial criticism was made of the Chilean director, who was part of the production team. wonderful woman, Winner of the Oscar Award in 2018.

“Leave Chilean history alone. Make honest films and tell your stories with Colonia Dignidad. Tell me the truth. Even the Badila brothers are more honest than, oh, this bastard (sic),” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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