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Network outrage: Fach’s drum major compared to Pairita took perfect steps at a military parade



This young man once again attracted attention because of his resemblance to the singer when he was participating in military parades.

The story of the week is Christopher Catalan Fach’s drum major became a hot topic on social networks There was a lot of uproar over her resemblance to singer Pairita.

On September 19 of this year, the young man took command of the Army Noncommissioned Officers College and made a remarkable presentation at a military parade. Air Force.

His remarks immediately caught the attention of those watching the parade and were mentioned on social networks.

In a past morning interview your day The 19-year-old specializes in computing at FACh, a field he says has little to do with urban music.

In this example, he was also making a comparison with the author of. Ultra solo.

The military parade began just after 11 a.m. and was originally expected to last just over two hours.

I was furious that the drum major looked similar to Pairita.

Source: Biobiochile

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