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A joint exhibition of Fick and Jakšet, a pair of independent Slovenian painters

Drevišnje opening of the painting exhibition in the City Gallery of LjubljanaZ neba va neba is the title of the exhibition in which Mitja Ficko and Marko Jakše present...

Erasure culture: Helena Bonham Carter firmly on the side of JK Rowling and Johnny Depp

In a recent interview, the actress spoke about the emergence of deletion cultureIn a recent interview, actress Helena Bonham Carter spoke indignantly about the phenomenon of cancellation culture and...

Sad Sam Matthäus in Croatia chosen for the best dance performance in its entirety

Award of the Croatian Theater also to choreographer and dancer Matija FerlinThe play Sad Sam Matthäus by Matija Ferlin is this year's recipient of the award of the Croatian...

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