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What is a virus?Respiratory illnesses affecting President Gabriel Borrick’s health



The president had to suspend his face-to-face activities as a result of the virus infection. This is a term used in medicine to refer to a viral infection that is prevalent among the population during this period.

This week President Gabriel Borick For health reasons, I had to interrupt a series of face-to-face activities.From the president, they reported that the president was suffering four Viral disease Why keep working remotely for a few days.

To most people, it may sound like an unknown illness, but it turns out that viral infection is a concept used by health professionals for reference. Virus infection That’s how he explained it Katia Abarca, Infectious Scientist UC Christus Health Network ..

“The term can extend to viral infections of the respiratory system, fever with physical illness, rashes or rashes caused by the virus, and therefore the types of viral infections are very wide,” experts said. rice field.

There are many pathogens that can be cataloged within the concept of “virus”. With respect to respiratory viruses, there can be 12 to 15 different viruses that can affect a patient’s health.

On his side Dr. Carlos Torres, Head of Emergency at Clinica Los Leones These are infectious diseases caused by the virus and have been identified for a short period of time not exceeding 10 days.

Along these lines, experts at the UC Christus Health Network have stated that the majority are from the human cycle. “There are several possibilities because the most common are influenza, parainfluenza, metapneumoviruses, a wide variety of adenoviruses, and respiratory syncytial viruses.”

Medical symptoms and complications

Because it is an infection transmitted by the respiratory pathway, the symptoms that the patient may have primarily affect the respiratory system.

“Headaches, fever, odynophagia (sore throat), stuffy nose, cough, and body aches are the most common,” said Dr. Torres.

“Patients may experience watery diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach aches, fever, muscle aches and headaches when they cause gastrointestinal symptoms,” an emergency expert added.

Treatments and recommendations

In order to properly treat the health complications caused by these viruses, it is advisable to rest at home and maintain general care, depending on the patient’s condition.

Experts from the UC Christus Network recommended inoculation first. “Of this amount of virus, only influenza has a preventative vaccine,” he added.

In this regard, experts at the Los Leones Clinic argued that treatment was symptom-dependent. “Generally, it contains medications to prevent fever and discomfort, such as paracetamol, nasal congestion removers, and cough syrups.”

“If necessary, you need to rest, drink enough water and water to rehydrate, eat digestible foods, and avoid strenuous activity,” the emergency manager recommended.

In this sense, Dr. Abarka emphasized that “viral infections do not respond to antibiotics and it is a common mistake to treat them with these drugs and self-treat.”

It is advisable to take precautions to reduce the risk of infection. Experts have stated that it is best to continue frequent hand washing, constant ventilation of the space, and proper use of the mask. It is also advisable to go to a health center if you experience any symptoms or complications.

Source: Biobiochile

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