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Camilo guaranteed that Evaluna ate the placenta after giving birth: is it really beneficial?



This week, Colombian singer Camilo Echeverry commented on the program resistance More about his indigo daughter, and how much he praises his wife.At that time, the musician revealed it Evaluna consumed the placenta after giving birth.

The voice of Vida de Rico talked about various topics about her little daughter. After joking about her meconium, on the baby’s first bowel movement, one of the people who participated in the program commented that some women consume the placenta.

“yes, My wife was encapsulated and ate it. ” Surprised his interviewer and guaranteed the singer.

As collected Clarin, The artist continued his story showing praise for his wife. “The fact that Eva decided to give birth naturally without even using aspirin … that’s very important,” he commented.

“As a dad, I used to say:”Wouldn’t it be better to have a hospital that has everything you need? Just in case…’. But my wife replied to me:’Why don’t you calm down and consider it great without thinking of all your fears? Everything will be barbaric, “he recalled.

After the case of Evaluna: Benefits of consuming the placenta

After his words, many questions arose about Echeverry’s anecdote: What are the benefits of consuming the placenta?

“The placenta is an organ that contains many vitamins. Therefore, the vitamins used to feed the baby in the womb are consumed. ” ,To comment BiobioChile Chilean President Maternas, midwife Pauladias. He is also an expert in placental medicine.

“even so, Not all of them can be consumed , He guarantees. “”They must be a healthy pregnancy They have no medical condition, important medicines are not consumed during pregnancy, and medicines are not consumed during pregnancy, “she guarantees.

When it comes to benefits, midwives make sure everything is focused Vitamins and minerals that organs have, It emphasizes iron and vitamin K, which are known to coagulate blood.

“So when you consume it Can reduce postpartum bleeding It also improves the anemia that suffers after childbirth. Also, because it contains hormones, Promotes breastfeeding: it supports it by increasing production. ” explanation.

Similarly, he said it was ” Give a feeling of happiness , It’s like taking a vitamin complex, which makes you feel better. “

“Since 2017, there has been a study from Spain, studying the blood components of people who consumed postpartum placental capsules, Indeed, there were better levels of these minerals. ” comment.

Since 2017, he also has “Ministerial Regulations Allowing Placental Delivery in Hospitals and Clinics. I have a regular test “.

Experts guarantee it There are different ways to consume the placenta Make sure one of the most popular ones is in a capsule and dehydrate there.

“This practice is popular on social networks,” he says. “It’s been done for years, Was not commented .. It was somewhat popular today by the management team and the famous people who made it known on the Internet, “he says.

Those who do not recommend consuming it

However, there are some skeptical views on that practice.This is by the obstetrician and gynecologist Jenganta New York Times: “A new treatment based on anecdotes without preparation or standardized safe methods is not the answer. I don’t even know what I don’t know because I know very little about the effects of eating the placenta.”

In 2016, obstetrician and gynecologist Fernando Real said he did not recommend organ intake to BiobioChile. “It’s unnecessary. You can get the same nutrients from high-protein foods. ” Legumes and nuts.

Similarly, he pointed out that “the patient gets hormones from the womb that she should not consume.”

In 2018, doctors Cleofina Bosco and María Eugenia Díaz concluded: There is no scientific basis to demonstrate the possible benefits of consuming the placenta ..

“On the contrary, Heavy metal infections and / or poisoning can occur. ” They assured in an article called “Placentophagy: Controversial Trends” in the International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences.

According to Bosco’s explanation University of Chile, The placenta acts as a filter that cleans the blood flow from the mother to the fetus. “Rural water purifiers: No one would think of scraping them to eat the contents they hold.”

Source: Biobiochile

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