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Please tell me the orientation of your apartment. Tell us how temperate your home is. This is the best.



Many people don’t consider the orientation of the apartment when buying or renting it, but it’s important when it comes to heating.

When we buy or rent a home, we take into account certain basic factors such as the community in which we live, the square meters of real estate, the comfort of the family, and obviously its value. We rarely see the direction of the department.

This determines the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

This small detail makes a difference in quality of life, happiness, decoration, and above all, the energy consumption that results from electricity bills.

North facing

for example, North facing The most sunlight in the Southern Hemisphere is due to the sun rising northeast in winter, placed north at noon, and set northwest.

It gets warmer when the sun’s rays reach all day long They don’t need much heating, but more heat gathers in the summer, which may require air conditioning.

South facing

on the other hand, South facing South-facing homes are not exposed to direct sunlight and receive sunlight only in the early hours of the morning and late in the afternoon. Winters are cold and summers are cool. This means that you spend a lot on heating.

Facing west

orientation West The property to receive Afternoon direct sunlight Therefore, during the winter, a warm environment is created without much investment in heating.

East facing

At the end, East facing It’s a good orientation for the department. The sun warms from morning to noon and cools in the afternoon. By storing heat in the morning and releasing it in the afternoon, the need for heating is reduced and monthly costs are reduced. Also, autumn and winter are warm and summer is hot.

How to help orientation?

As we know, there are thousands of options for saving energy in both summer and winter.

Like glue, it can be applied to windows and doors to prevent the ingress of colds, which saves heating costs, but some can only last for a few years.

A little more durable is the change from a regular crystal to a crystal I have specified. “By simply replacing the glass in the house, we can reduce energy leaks by more than half compared to simple glass,” said Gonzalo Acevedo, general manager of Vidrios Lirquen.

“This means that in winter the energy lost by common glazes is saved, and thus a significant savings in heating is realized,” he concludes.

As an alternative, citations are sufficient.

Source: Biobiochile

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