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64% of women don’t know the size of their bra: how to find the perfect size



Many women admit that they don’t know the correct bra size. For this reason, lingerie and corset specialists will provide tips and guides on finding the right size.

Two years ago, Womenswear DailyA magazine on trends and beauty-well known as the “fashion bible”- 64% of women didn’t know the size of their bra ..

according to Consuelo López, BraStore.cl Expert In the first multi-brand lingerie and corset e-commerce, the percentage is even higher. “It’s no exaggeration to say that 90% of women don’t know the size of their bra.” ..

“”Often they confuse the measurement of contours, which is a number, with a cup. The cup is determined by the letters. This doesn’t happen with a selection of pants that makes it easy to guess measurements, thanks to the hips and pants, “he explains.

“It’s important to find the right bra size, especially if Chileans are always looking for comfortable and stylish underwear. Beyond the fact that bad bras make clothes look bad, that’s the worst thing. Causes pain in the body, especially the back and neck Warn the specialist.

Therefore, López provides a practical guide to finding the right bra size.

1.-Use a tape measure. “The first thing to do to know the size of the bra is to take the tape and measure the bottom contour (chest) and top contour (entire bust) of the bust.”

Measure size bra
Bra store

2.-What bust do I have? : “There are three types of shapes: circular, pear, and conical. The round one fits any type of bra. The pear shape has a triangular or half-cup bra with an arm prone and an arch. Although required, the tapered shape is ideal for triangular and / or full cup bras. “

3.-Bra for every occasion: “If you go to a party and wear something with straps, you should wear a strapless bra. If you wear a low neckline, you should wear a push-up bra. If you play sports, wear tops or sports bras. These have enhanced support and use high-tech materials that do not trap moisture. For everyday use, we recommend using a basic and comfortable type of bra or bioshaper that always keeps the contours slim. To do.

4.-Care and maintenance: “Lace and bra and underwear fabrics are generally very delicate elements. Therefore, it is always advisable to wash the underwear by hand for durability. Of course, put it in the dryer. Do not expose it to the sun.

Source: Biobiochile

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